15 June 2015

Secret Space Program Revealed: Two New Radio Shows and Transcript ~ David Wilcock ~ 14 June 2015

For those who are interested in following David's disclosure about the SSP and the origins/evolution of Humanity, please read the information at Divine Cosmos.

To be objective, there is already much information "out there" about Humanity's tragic history and all its related hidden stuff (including the SSP and its components), and some of them in great detail, too. Nevertheless, David does a great job of presenting them very visibly in public, so this would help spur awakening among the masses.

Some of what I have read so far (I'm halfway through) differs from what I'm aware of, but that in no way suggests a one-is-right-the-other-is-wrong conclusion. But I'm very happy to note that Star Trek, Space 1999 and The Day The Earth Stood Still (original, hopefully) were mentioned :)

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