10 June 2015

Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meadors ~ Journey to Joy: Our Ascent to the Fifth Dimension ~ 19 May 2015

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I've finally started this interview, and am half-way through at the time of posting. Sheldan Nidle is usually a well-spring of great information, but in this one, he is clearly in his element! This is easily one of my favourite interviews of Sheldan so far.

I've always felt that Sheldan excels in Cosmology and Astro/Spiritual Physics, given his childhood training and experiences on the Ship with Washta, and that it was regrettable that we don't see this side of him more often in interviews. In this particular one, however, Alexandra Meadors picked a theme (based on Sheldan's "Journey to Joy" DVD) that really brought out the sparkles in Sheldan, so good job to her for that!

If you are very familiar with Sheldan's work, then there are obviously several things that he's already covered elsewhere. Even then, I still recommend listening to this almost 2-hour long interview (that's why I took so long to even get started) ~ Sheldan is in fine form!

The gist of the interview (what I've heard so far) is about our Ascension process, and the nature of Creation, as well as the Solar System. Here's Alexandra's description:

Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meadors review Journey to Joy – Our Ascent to the Fifth Dimension. Their discussion reviews a vast presentation of how life begins and how the universe was created. Sheldan discusses the core components of vortices and fractals and how they play a part in the creation of planets, solar systems and beyond. They discuss holograms, harmonics, how shapes are created, and other “meaty” topics in simplified terms that everyone can understand.
Hollow planets, the Inner Earth, the Greater Divine Plan, the Stewards of Earth and Earth’s destiny are all reviewed for your contemplation and consideration.

Please listen to the interview here at Galactic Connection.

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