19 June 2015

Solstice Focus: Crystalline Consciousness ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 June 2015

Here's Sandra Walter with excellent guidance and update on how we can play our role for this week's Solstice. When I last planted some crystals in four different (and public!) places, I was also greeted with an almost immediate change in the skyscape....no cloud-ships, but lots of Sylphs formed!

Just a reminder about the Blood Moon Tetrad ~ we've had three already, with the final one coming up on 28 September (see image below).

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our Solstice Gateway is a crystalline focus, and it is recommended to use every facet to amplify and accelerate our crystalline consciousness. Even if you are not experiencing the remarkable transformation of consciousness at this time – the embodiment phases discussed in the latest series – the focus is on Unity of Mission and Service.

Divine Delineation is not dualistic separation, it is there to teach the Light Tribe the ability to support everyone at every level and phase of their Ascension process. We do this by supporting the embodiment of the Christ and crystalline consciousness in every willing HUman stepping into this state of beingness. The return of the Christed presence is a game-changer; let us unify in its pure intention of peace and Divine Love.

During Gatework last evening on Shasta (see the above before and during pics – taken within minutes of each other – Aho!), the request for a crystalline focus presented again. So I AM guided to remind everyone to get crystals in the ground, or on the ground during the Gateway if you cannot part with them, to receive the maximum amount of these incoming waves of light acceleration. We have a brilliant three months (!) now to assist the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gate in September. Our interaction with these incoming energies will assist everything upon this planet.

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