26 June 2015

The Ruiner

I will keep this very brief, and say as little as possible.

I have been reading some of the writings on The Ruiner, and in some ways it reminds me of the Hidden Hand Dialogue. So for those who don't yet know about this blog, you can read the writer's posts here. For your inner guidance to decide if there is Truth in it, or not. I refrain from commenting further at this point in time.


  1. I've read The Ruiner's materials with great interest over the last week or so. Definitely some food for thought.

    I'd also like to recommend an interview on Truth Frequency Radio of Dr. Simon Atkins. It's several months old (from January 2015), but there's quite a bit of info on weather manipulation, the oncoming energetic field, and the need for sleep/rest and calm during the next few months. His part of the interview begins at around the 30 minute mark, and most of the key "shift" information is covered during the last 30 minutes or so. Highly worthwhile, in my opinion.


    With Very Much Love and Respect,


    1. Namaste Stargazer :)

      I've only started reading The Ruiner yesterday. I've come across material from other "Runaways" before, but this one has a different energy...similar to that who brought out Hidden Hand Dialogue. That's when I decided to post about it.

      Thank you for the Dr Simon Atkins interview :) I heard it just a couple of weeks ago...at 1.4x speed! That's the only way I can get through audios...

      Mother Gaia has her own Ascension Timeline, and right now, we're holding her back. She's already delayed it for so long because of us....ever notice how many Ships seem to appear everytime a volcano threatens to blow? Or just before an earthquake?....They try to mitigate whatever they can. It's crucial that Humanity wakes up, asap!

      Thank you for being you, Stargazer!

      Blessings ❤

  2. Thank YOU, Grace! :D

    I do appreciate your perspective, but I've begun to feel less and less "urgency" about everything in the past week or so. It's almost like I'm increasingly content with what I see as AMAZING progress in a truly massive undertaking. When you think about the scale of what we're accomplishing and realize how much change has occurred in a comparatively brief period of time, it's truly mind-blowing.

    I've been spending much more time in the "Now", truly appreciating every blessing (of which there are many) and trying to appreciate every passing event to its fullest. These are extraordinary times and we are so fortunate to be able to witness and be a part of them!

    Mother Gaia is exceedingly patient (thank you, Mother G) and she loves us deeply just as we love her. She has certainly sacrificed a great deal for our learning and growth, but I've come to feel more and more comfortable with the unfolding of events, and more secure in the feeling that everything is moving along just perfectly--like the hands of a finely crafted clock. In fact, after listening to a recent interview of Laura Walker (The Oracle Report) on Phoenix Rising Radio, I can now visualize all the stars and planets of the Cosmos moving with perfect precision to bring the swirling, beautiful energies we need to us at just the right times.

    Although it may not always appear so, all is indeed well. There's absolutely nothing to fear and we're doing just fine! Just sit back, shine your Light, and enjoy the ride!!! :D

    <3 <3 <3

    With Very Much Love (as always),


    1. The Now is a very good place to be, indeed. What you have written reminds me of a dear friend who tells me on an almost regular basis..."All in its own good time!" She has a heart of Gold, just like you :)

      We may have just the slightest bit of difference in perspectives, but I hear you! Very wise thoughts, Stargazer...we are guests on a truly remarkable and beautiful Planet, and yes, as you rightly pointed out, we are indeed fortunate witnesses to the unfolding of Magic at play.

      Thank you for this reminder, many Blessings ❤