06 June 2015

The Secret of Spiritual Success ~ Matt Kahn ~ 5 June 2015

Description: In this video from a recent live Soul Gathering, Matt highlights the importance of relaxation as an essential way of aligning with the light of your highest potential. If you're ready to accelerate your healing journey, enter the most miraculous timeline of divine perfection, and anchor heart-centered consciousness for the well-being of all,
then this video is for you.

I've just heard the first few minutes of this video, and felt that I'd better post it here first in case I take too long to finish it.

In the first couple of minutes, Matt talks about simplicity, and how we think if something is simple, it's not good enough. This is something I've stressed in earlier writings. Interestingly, I've found myself saying this in the past weeks, that we are conditioned to believe that "simplicity is for simpletons".

Please go here to watch this 1:33 hours long video.

** Note: When we are committed to being in alignment and relaxation, we can use this tool that Matt gives whenever we are going to participate in a "social" environment:
"I trust the Consciousness of all, and I call forth the highest Consciousness I Am." **