03 June 2015

The Seven Seals ~ Tobias via Geoffrey Hoppe, Crimson Circle

This is the accompanying post to the two previous ones about the Seven Seals. There are a couple of disclaimers I would like to make before I proceed.

This Shoud (channel) was given in 2003. I do no know if it's still applicable, but I'm posting it to provide some background details for those who are interested. The guided process to open the Seals, although seemingly simple, was both profound and emotional.

I ceased following the teachings at Crimson Circle shortly after Tobias left in 2009 to incarnate as a walk-in (!!), so I have no knowledge if there are additions or developments to this information that I'm posting.

It is interesting to note that this channel was given at a conference that also had Ronna Star (then Ronna Herman) (with AA Michael), whose "Seven Sacred Seals" channel I just posted.

Source: Crimson Circle ("Cauldre" is Geoffrey Hoppe, the channeler)

Breathe in and allow yourself to remember this parallel event 2150 years ago. You were the mystics. Some of you were priests and rabbis. You were Arabs and Jews, Africans, Asians.

You see, a call had gone out from the grand house of Archangel Michael to gather on Mount Zion for a month of time for meditation and for prayer… for intense connecting to our side of the veil… for intense connecting to Earth… and intense connecting to a similar event sometime in the future. You did not know the exact date, but you knew that you would gather together again to open something that had been closed for a long time, to change something that needed New Energy.

You sat together back then just as we are sitting together now. There were great discussions, even with the barrier of the languages. There were great discussions about the nature of humanity, about the human condition, and the spiritual nature of humankind all over Earth, similar to the discussions that you are having here today. There were discussions of how to reconnect with Spirit, and what was holding humankind back.

There were some of you that wanted to maintain an alliance to the church at the time, to the synagogue. Some of you did not want to be rebels, but rather wanted to try to integrate your new thoughts, your new way of looking at humanity and spirituality into the structure of the church. You wanted to stay in alignment with the churches, to flow with their energy. Others of you were quite the rebels. You wanted to go off on your own, to start your own new religion.

Others in the group were very much into the conspiracies, the conspiracy of the governments and the churches, many of which were true. But, you wanted to focus the energies of your gathering, of your conference back then on Mount Zion, on the conspiracies. Another group of you wanted to go off into the remote lands, thousands of miles away, to live there as a group, to sequester yourselves, to close yourselves in and simply hold the energy of Earth.

What was discussed in great detail at this gathering was the understanding of the Seven Seals, which were later written about in the Holy Bible. There was great energy in this discussion. There was the connection to the galactic energies, the multi-dimensional energies. If you read this Book of Revelations, you will see how the galactic energies came into play.

This gathering was about the Seven Seals. You came to the understanding that there was something in the human spiritual condition that was sealed within, but appropriately so. There were seven conditions of mankind sealed into the human angels walking the face of the Earth. And, one day these seals would be ready to be opened if the Earth survived, if humanity crossed certain bridges or opened certain doorways. The Seven Seals were identified. Their energy was discussed. In this gathering, dear friends, you related the seals to your understanding of the energetic systems within the human body, what you now call the chakras.

Now, we ask you to stay open with us here. Stay in the Now. Stay very present in your being, but understand that we will bring in the energies of your gathering several thousands of years ago into this room. We also pull in the energies of your churches of today, which originated with the work that so many of you did in past lives. And we will bring in the energies of what we call the New Earth.
Breathe in deeply, dear friends, and allow us to integrate all of these elements together in this very interesting dimension that you are allowing to be created all around you.

Today we are going to gently – very gently – open the Seven Seals. We want you to understand that you are doing it only for yourself. You are not doing it for all of humanity. You cannot do it for them. You are not doing it for the ones that sit next to you. You are not doing it for your children, or your parents. You are gently opening these Seven Seals for yourself.

Please read the full message here....

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