22 June 2015

Tools For Healing the Anomaly ~ Untwine ~ 19 June 2015

Danny Ebru

I love Untwine's suggestions, and also the F and C notes he provided in the accompanying audios. I'm sure we all have our own versions of commands that we issue on a daily basis to clear whatever needs to be cleared and anchor in Divine Light, but if you don't already have one, you will appreciate Untwine's declarations.

If it's of any help, I use the following phrase:

"....in all ways, shapes and forms, across all timelines, realms and existences, now and forever.
With Love and Gratitude. And So It Is."

Source: Recreating Balance

Through our etheric and plasma implants we are regularly bombarded with primary anomaly.
This anomaly is born out of an accident linked to quantum potentials of randomness, which is absence of design and decisions by the Source.
Source has been progressively re-integrating all anomaly into harmony by use of Divine Will. We all are the Source creator, it is the purest aspect within everything. It is not something somewhere in the sky who's gonna come down one day and decide to change things. All living beings are it, and therefore we have to make the decisions.
Decision power is one of the main key to heal anomaly, by reconnecting with the Source design and the fact that we are it.


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