12 June 2015

Transmission Intercepted by NASA ~ Courtney Brown

**Update: If you are expecting some meaningful revelation, let me save you the trouble...don't bother. Chalk this down to Courtney's eccentricity (and marketing ploy). If you are curious, by all means check out his "major post". Just don't say I didn't warn you...
Would I post anything from Courtney again? Probably not.**

This is for whoever is interested in keeping track of Courtney's pending "major post", due out tomorrow (Courtney's time). Since I live in a different time-zone (I'll probably be asleep then), I'm posting this so that if you are keen to follow-up, then you can check Courtney's page directly.

I will need to make a clarification first, though. The last time I posted Courtney's updates diligently was when he gave a series of messages as a countdown to something that he described as an event that would change the course of Humanity. Well, it turned out to be a remote viewing experience of the Great Pyramid of Giza and its extra-terrestrial links (see my post here). That was certainly a less than earth-shattering revelation...

Thought I should just point it out....

Here for Courtney's short alert.


  1. Thanks, Grace! I remember that...the buildup to his last "GREAT" announcement was amazing, and the synchronicities at the time had me thinking whatever he was presenting was going to be earthshattering. I recall how disappointed I was when the actual announcement came. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz...(crickets). Maybe the really earthshattering announcement was on another timeline or something... ;D

    I do think Courney's work is excellent and like to keep track of it but, unfortunately, I think his "quirkiness" actually tends to get in the way of its forward progress. He's definitely an interesting character!

    I'll be looking forward to his announcement though...


    1. 😂 😂 😂 I enjoyed and very much needed that laugh, Stargazer, thanks so much!! Crickets.... you're good...!!

      You must have seen his "major post" by now. Sheeesh....I was mildly annoyed with the Giza build-up thing, now I'm just annoyed. With the Giza thing, I spent a long time composing my follow-up post, because I wanted to be fair to him and see the positive side of things. For this one I just said, forget it!

      But like you said, his work is really good (the ones I've seen so far, including the one about Jesus, which seems to confirm many channels who insist he did not die, but went on to live for many years, teaching). Ah well...kids....

      Thanks again for the big laugh!!


    2. Those non-working emoticons are meant to be laughing-with-tears-streaming-down....