02 June 2015

We Knew Team Dark Would Make A Strong Last Stand ~ Denise LeFay ~ 1 June 2015


This may initially seem like a very negative post, but as with most Denise LeFay's updates, I recommend reading from a higher perspective with an acknowledgement of her physical difficulties, and without judgement. There is very positive news that she's reporting, with steady and sure progress of the Light. This is another validation from a different angle that yes, we are definitely getting closer and closer to the edge of the horizon!

I personally find this update beneficial because last week, on two separate occasions, I had a brief flash of a reptilian-like presence in my auric field. I was startled both times and without consciously thinking about it, sent them away. At least now I understand what happened, thanks to Denise's update.

Denise has a strict copyright policy so please head straight to her site, High Heart Life.

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