27 June 2015

We're On The Move ~ Kara Schallock ~ 23 June 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are in a place now in which we are moving rather quickly into a new space of being more New than old. more Soul-merged than ego-based. in Oneness more than dwelling in duality. On a personal note, since everything is a message, let me share with you just a few things that have occurred in the past 24 hours for me. A dead limb from my tree fell (yay!) and my bank destroyed my old bankcard because someone had purchased something I had not. This is a perfect example of an easy release of what no longer serves me (the dead tree branch) and a new level of Abundance (having to get a new bankcard). What is your life showing you?

This is not to say we’ve “arrived,” for there is still more to let go of, yet it is easier now than it has been. We are more focused on serving a purpose than merely living out our lives. Some have arrived, fully immersed in Soul, while others are still in the struggle. Some are straddling the old and New worlds. Wherever a person is is just where they are and there is no judgment in this. Clearly it is very easy to see where a person is in their consciousness through Intuition and the words they speak. I personally see this very clearly and honor each one for their chosen path and I also see where that path takes them and yet, it is not for me to correct or guide them, for that is insinuating my path onto theirs. Gone are the days of rescuing, healing and saving. These are ego-trips. to think we can save anyone is to say they can’t do it themselves.

Realize that Ascension is ongoing and infinite. While some use words like “mastery,” what is mastery? Is mastering something the end point? No, it is not and it is an illusion to think that mastery is the end of the trail. When one has mastered one level, there are more levels to “master.” While the Solstice brought forth a great leap into New Lives, it is not the end-point or culmination of anything. There is no end or beginning. life is a continuum going from old to New and beyond. Therefore, there is no “mastery.” We continue our upward spiral into being Divine and growing infinitely.
All we have is this Moment. All we need is to be aware in this Now.

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