28 July 2015

A Cleansing Vortex of Energy and Light Sweeps the Planet ~ Adama via Susan Michele Moll ~ 23 July 2015

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Source: Island of Light (scroll down a bit)

Beloved ones, as you become empty vessels for the light of God that never fails the crystalline Light of the Christ will shower through you, washing the last vestiges of the old energy from your physical, emotional and mental bodies. This takes time. These old accumulations have been set in their old ways for a very long time and cannot be expected to be disbursed of in an instant. It all takes patience, clearing and cleansing before the new energies can fully anchor within your being. As they do and the old is cleared away you will feel the extreme need to rest and take it easy. Your energies will be very focused within and it is imperative that you honor these cycles of rest that are greatly needed for the integration of all that is being released and received at the same time.
There is a huge vortex of energy and light sweeping your planet right now. As this force field of intense energy and light sweeps in, through and around you taking with it the last vestiges of the old earth and patterns of destruction, you are bound to feel like everything is stirred up and intensified - and so it is. As you sweep away the dirt some is stirred up into the atmosphere before it settles again upon the ground. The same is taking place around you. Everything is in clean up mode. There is not one soul who is left unperturbed by these energies. It affects all and there is nothing you can do but just allow this whirlwind of energy to sweep you clean and be grateful that it is, as you will no longer need to carry those old outworn and extremely old patterns or emotions around with you.

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