02 July 2015

Aligning With I Am Presence Meditation ~ Blue Flare Solara ~ 1 July 2015

Source: The World Of Truth

Dear beloved members & followers of the World of Truth:

Based on a request from our beloved members of the world of truth {Cheryl, Kinnar, Varsha, Zen and Richard ) to gather each others in a meditation, we [Blue Flare & EM ] arrange a specific meditation called : align with your I am presence,

Through this meditation we will spread a huge energy for the heart chakras to all who will participate in this meditation, in order to strengthen your connection with your higher self and as a protection from any negative attack...

every one can participate this mediation whether members of the world of truth or followers from outside, and we will share also this meditation on our http://www.theworldoftruth7.blogspot.com/ , and you can share this meditation in Facebook or any other social media..

Day of meditation : Saturday 4th of July 2015
Time of meditation : GMT / 2:00 P.M.{14.00}
Duration of Meditation: 15 minutes

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