26 July 2015

Earth's History Flight ~ Sheldan Nidle on Tazz and Paula Show ~ 9 June 2015

This one is from some time ago. I just found my notes and realised I hadn't yet posted them, sorry! Listen to the interview here.

If you've been attending Sheldan's webinars regularly, or have read his books (I'm assuming they have this information), then most of the information here will not be new to you. Some of the topics covered:
  • Advanced civilisations that are full conscious live inside their Planets
  • Atlanteans chose to interact with dark groups
  • Galaxy being transformed into Light over the years, Anchara Alliance signed peace treaty, they also wish to obtain their own Ascension into fully conscious LightBodies
  • We are becoming fully conscious Galactic Humans
  • Game is up, now in final stages, their tactics no longer working but they're still holding on
  • Transformation process being accelerated, entire Galaxy involved
  • Sheldan's take ~ 5D Beings and above are positive and operate from Oneness
  • Anunnaki from Pleiadian and Alpha-Centaurian rebels
  • Joy is highest aspect in full conscious civilisations
  • Agarthans are remnants of original Lemurian race 900,000 years ago
  • “Stragglers” from various Golden Ages were allowed entry and they too evolved into full consciousness, out of karma and reincarnation wheel
  • (Zorra had mentioned some time ago that Amelia Earhart is now in Hollow Earth)
  • Time now to fulfill Divine Plan for us to become fully conscious Beings
  • Mentors to guide us throughout our re-education and transformation; process to take some months
  • Plant and Animal Kingdoms also shift independently, along their own evolution, enabling higher communication with humans
  • That's why Galactics need to switch off regularly to cease the interaction, except with their own Divinity and guides
  • Inner Sun, which gives off high vibrational energy, also interacts with our Sun
  • We'll ultimately have 2 moons again. Apollo 11 saw 2 “anchors”, they are genesis points for eventual placement of these moons
  • Current moon is 5th moon of Pax/Maldek, and will return “home” once the asteroid belt (formerly Pax/Maldek) is reconstituted
  • Lost planet = Vulcan
  • Many Agarthans volunteered to observe us to ascertain our progress
  • Galactic scientists constantly monitoring air, water, oceans, Earth's strata and defence systems etc
  • Earth “walking on eggshells” right now because of prolonged delays, she's well past the time period she's agreed upon to “wait” for us (she needs to go through her own physical transformations).

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