08 July 2015

Energy Update: Activating The Light Body ~ Matt Kahn ~ July 2015

Very good update from Matt Kahn, please take the time to read :)  I suggest sitting or lying down if you are doing the activations.

Source: True Divine Nature

If your soul is the light of the Universe personified into physical form, then the light body can be understood as the emergence of the soul expressing itself through your senses. It is more so a shift in consciousness than an object to pursue. As your light body activates, it signifies a deeper integration of spirit in form. As this occurs, you become aware of yourself as the light of the Universe experiencing life as a person, instead of a person trying to figure out how to integrate their spirit or activate a light body.

Before I go into the common symptoms that confirm the activation of a light body already in progress, it is important to remember not to objectify this stage of awakening as any form of social status. Let us not imagine those whose light bodies are activated as the "spiritual haves" compared to the "spiritual have-nots" who continue to stumble around in the darkness. It is more insightful, loving, and compassionate to view each person as a unique seed that requires a specific amount of time in order to fully blossom.

Since the light of the Universe is an eternal field of subtle energy, it is essential to remember what light feels like once it has awakened. While there can be waves of ecstasy ebbing and flowing throughout the core of your being, the light body is like a vast ocean holding sacred space for each passing wave as a celestial body of emptiness. Often misdiagnosed as depression or chronic fatigue-like symptoms, light body activation expresses the infinite spacious nature of consciousness that only seems so hopeless, daunting, or heavy to an ego dissolving back into the light of Source. Throughout this process, it may seem as if partnerships or life-long relationships are disappearing, you are unable to find the passion you once felt, you might even be confused by a lack of direction or intuitive knowingness, or be emotionally triggered by the unresolved patterns in others, or perhaps just exhausted by an inability to function without an ego maintaining a false sense of control throughout your life. 

This is why confusion, disorientation, frustration, apathy, and loneliness are each vital signs of light body activation in progress.


I invite you to repeat out loud each activation - one at a time. First start by taking 3-5 slow deep breaths to ground your energy field, then repeat activation #1 out loud as naturally and gently as possible. After activation #1 has been spoken, take 3-5 deep breaths to integrate this activation:
Light Body Activation #1: "I allow the nervous system to recalibrate and transform into pure crystalline light as I am now."
To move onto activation #2, start by taking 3-5 slow deep breaths. Repeat activation #2 out loud as naturally and gently as possible. After activation #2 has been spoken, take 3-5 deep breaths for further integration.
Light Body Activation #2: "I welcome the light body, I trust the light body, I am the light body, the light body I am."
Please read the full update here...

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