08 July 2015

Feelings, Calming the Waters and Getting Across the Next Stage

The Grey Havens ~ Joe Gilronan

This is just me with some sharing, please use inner guidance and put on your discernment filter :) And it may get rather long...I personally believe that all the topics, though seemingly unrelated, are all connected in some pertinent way.

I've left this post percolating in my mind for quite a few days already. I finally feel ready to write about it, because perhaps there may be some who know what I'm talking about, especially after just reading Matt Kahn's energy update for July.

Feeling Empty...Whatever...
Empty. That's one overriding feeling that seems to have taken over. And it's not just the usual empty feeling after a major round of releasing (with all the releasing we've done, we all know that feeling so well). This emptiness feels...well, full. It's a sense of emptiness that seems so full that we have no need to "fill up". In fact, we don't wish to fill it up, because it feels...full...?

Then there's that sense of total "whatever". People acting out around you? Whatever. A pile of articles to read and don't wish to start? Whatever. Kid having a meltdown? Whatever. World looking very insane? Whatever. (Omigoddess, Tears for Fears just sang "...it's a very very maaad worrrrld...") And that's not the worry, either. What's even more scary is that I feel it's all perfectly okay, this "whatever".

Several years ago, while I was following Tobias' teachings on Crimson Circle, he told us, "It doesn't matter" in one of his Shouds (channels). That's what I keep hearing now, as I go through this "whatever" stage. (If you are interested, you can listen to it here.) It's all a part of the process, and thank you, Matt Kahn, for explaining it so well and making me look less like a complete apathetic idiot (in his July update here).

Now hopefully you understand why I took so long to get this written out :)

Being a Proxy
In the midst of all that empty-whatever-feeling, there are also nagging bouts of tension. When I felt deeper into this, I got the word "proxy", which I dismissed several times and tried to come up with a different word. Each time, the same word surfaced..."proxy". It's like we are acting as proxies to some significant and material process. And this may seem rather wild, but I'm getting that there was a potential impasse in the clearing process by the Light, and a new sub-plan was put into place. This new plan required proxies, and that's what I'm feeling. More than that, I do not know.

Appealing to the Goddess
Over the past month, I've heard some predicted natural disasters in the waters of this part of the world (tsunamis and typhoons), some say from mid-July onwards. The reports are from my mainstream friends, so obviously the source(s) come(s) from the media. Since I ceased following mainstream news years ago, well-meaning family members and friends fill me in now and then.

These predictions have generated much concern. As a result, several private religious groups have held, and are still planning to hold, special prayer sessions or pujas to mitigate the potential severity of the predicted disasters. What I've found very interesting is that some Buddhist/Taoist groups are specifically calling upon Goddess Dou Mu to bless and calm the waters. Given that Cobra reported the physical return of this same Goddess in January 2015 (Agartha Network Developments), the synchronicity is not lost on me.

While I do not know the "current" overarching plan for Mother Gaia, what I've learnt (and what resonates with me) is that Mother Gaia will need to undergo a massive terra-forming ~ mountain ranges to move around, sunken continents to raise (Lemuria, Atlantis, Greater Sri Lanka), clearing of her waters and surface...so yes, things will get (and are getting) a bit rough, to put it overwhelmingly mildly. Speaking of Mother Gaia...

Mother Gaia's Helping Hand
This was another "lie-down-now" incident which I obeyed, and almost immediately saw this, just for barely three seconds ~ a Being that I knew to be Mother Gaia taking my hand and helping me across this patch on the ground. It wasn't a big patch at all, and at first I was confused why I even needed help crossing it. Then I later realised that I was heading towards another direction, obviously not wanting to go anywhere near that patch on the ground. I was following clear ground, but Mother Gaia intervened, took my hand and led me across the patch I was obviously avoiding, and therefore changed my path. While this path may not be totally "clear", it's the one that Mother Gaia is on, and the obstacles are definitely not insurmountable.

From what I understand, and what I've said before, we need to connect with Mother Gaia so that we go where she goes. She will lead us through this Ascension process, so we will need to get connected with her. In meditations (like connecting with the Inner Sun, her Heart Star), out in Nature, grounding etc.

We are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment (understatement?), because the last mile is always the longest and most challenging. While I do not know what each one of us has to do (or not, sometimes just "being" is the mission), what I do know is that we cannot give up. That is simply not an option...sorry :)  We need to keep on keeping on, hold on to that inner faith and be the Light Server we are meant to be. And please remember to....
Namaste! ❤

PS. I made the effort (despite feeling "whatever"...) to proof-read what I wrote, and as I did that, I felt guided to add this post-script.

Since after the December 2012 Solstice, many of us went through very deep (cellular) transformations. One of the side-effects is that I couldn't listen to most of my huge library of music, and I know I'm not the only one to have this sudden change in musical preference. Instead, I gravitated towards Solfeggio tones. I built up a new music library, consisting of mainly Solfeggio tones and some new tracks with African-based chants or Tibetan sounds. I play the Solfeggio tones daily, even at night for a couple of hours when I sleep.

Today, I spent some time looking through my pre-December 2012 music, putting together some tracks for an upcoming family event. I ended up selecting about 180 tracks, and started playing them as I wrote this. That's why Tears for Fears' "Mad World" came on at the right moment :)  I love synchronicity!

Anyway, the point is that I feel I need to add Annie Lennox's "Into The West", which I just heard on my playlist. It sent a wave of "something" over me....you can listen to it here. The lyrics are significant, and I'm adding them below. We are indeed going "home", following Mother Gaia and returning to our state of divine existence.

"Into The West"

Lay down
Your sweet and weary head
Night is falling
You’ve come to journey's end
Sleep now
And dream of the ones who came before
They are calling
From across the distant shore

Why do you weep?
What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see
All of your fears will pass away
Safe in my arms
You're only sleeping

What can you see
On the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea
A pale moon rises
The ships have come to carry you home

And all will turn
To silver glass
A light on the water
All souls pass

Hope fades
Into the world of night
Through shadows falling
Out of memory and time
Don't say: «We have come now to the end»
White shores are calling
You and I will meet again

And you'll be here in my arms
Just sleeping


And all will turn
To silver glass
A light on the water
Grey ships pass
Into the West.
Lyrics from azlyrics.com


  1. Beautiful post, Grace! :)

    I loved the part where Tobias says something to the effect that we're already there...we're just experiencing what it took to get us there!

    I also really liked what you said about feeling "full" and can completely relate. I've been feeling something quite similar for the past month or two. For me, it seems rather like a sense of peace, settlement, or trust (or perhaps a deep inner sense of KNOWING is the best way to describe it) that all is well and things are flowing perfectly along--just as they are supposed to.

    I've been feeling quite excited about our positive future too, but the excitement is being tempered by a strange (at least for me) sense of maturity. Instead of feeling like the wild-eyed kids tearing open their presents on Christmas morning, I feel quite a bit more like the quiet grandparent sitting comfortably by the fire. Smiling and watching with delight, the memory of many such Christmases past fills me with a profound sense of appreciation--one that only grows deeper with each passing moment.

    There's no doubt that we're all here to experience an amazing, wonderful, and momentous time. I'm deeply grateful to be awake, aware of it, and able to experience so much of the subtle beauty that others are not yet able to perceive.

    And I'm especially grateful that there are so many others (such as you and all your readers) with whom we may share the experience!

    With Very Much Love,


    1. Thank you, Stargazer, hand to heart <3

      I enjoyed reading what you wrote, but I just couldn't imagine you as a grandparent (not yet, anyway!) :D But I do understand what you mean. You are certainly in the zone of your Beingness, and that's definitely a very good place to Be :)

      Another source talked about this "already done it" situation, and they describe it as walking backwards through the corridor of time, or something like that (it's been many years...) ~ the Group via Steve Rother. I like that description, too :)

      Many Blessings and much Love <3

  2. Dear Grace,

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. It is interesting to find that 'proxy' is a contraction of the word 'procurator' and the meaning?

    proc·u·ra·tor (präkyəˌrātər)
    noun - LAW
    noun: procurator; plural noun: procurators; an agent representing others in a court of law

    Middle English (denoting a steward): from Old French procuratour or Latin procurator ‘administrator, agent,’ from procurat- ‘taken care of,’ from the verb procurare (see procure).

    It does not surprise me to hear what you have been sensing. The general populace is too much under water in the brainwashing of the 'powers that were' to wake up in time for the Divine Plan to finish playing out on schedule.

    The intended returning of Mother Earth to the Light after She sacrificed Herself and allowed Her surface to become the 'laboratory' for this final evolutionary experiment to play out, just before the entire Universe, as well as the Milky Way Galaxy, rises up to the next spiral in refinement and evolution - has not gone according to plan.

    So, it is not surprising that the awakened ones are having to serve as 'proxies' for those who have no chance of awakening until mainstream media is finally free to begin releasing the truth to the masses.

    It astounds me that there are so many 'messages' from supposedly benevolent beings who keep saying that it is up to humanity to do more to help the ascension process along. Most people are busy surviving and have no idea that there is any other way to live.

    How are they supposed to 'wake up' and what are they supposed to 'wake up' and do? There are many decent well-meaning people who are simply ignorant and would wake up quickly if they simply had the information to do so.

    Hopefully, that much needed infusion of 'truth' into mainstream media has begun and will continue to accelerate. It feels as if we are in the final stages of awakening and that the pressure from the higher energies is bringing out the benevolent in many people and the crazy in others.

    All signs of the times, I suppose.

    Many Blessings on the whole process and Many Blessings on us all - we need all the assistance we can get!

    1. Namaste ShaunieL,

      It has been my very strong belief (and I keep writing about it) that although we need to empower ourselves and reclaim our own Sovereignty, we absolutely need help! I am aware that there is a meme running that insists we can do it on our own. I don't doubt it, but I don't choose it, because it would take generations before we see material and obvious transformations. So yes, I absolutely agree with you....we need all the assistance we can get, and I'm neither ashamed nor too proud to say it :)

      "Proxy"...that was why I kept rejecting the word, because a part of me knew what it would entail in some way! But "proxy" it is, because that's what it takes.

      Thank you for being a part of this process <3

      Many Blessings,

  3. What an interesting conversation! :) Thanks to both of you!

    One of the concepts I've been giving a lot of consideration lately is the thought that there are COUNTLESS parallel realities and the tiny, tiny fragment of consciousness that we recognize as "us" in this moment is just one of countless others.

    I imagine our existence much as a bathtub full of bubbles in which each bubble is a different reality--and another fragment of "Self" is there to experience it. In each of these realities, each fragment of "Self" is only able to see or experience that one reality--although it may catch glimpses of other realities through dreams, meditative visions, or other phenomena.

    In one such "reality" at one end of the tub, Earth may be a true prison planet, where no one except "the elite" has any rights whatsoever--and everyone suffers horribly. In another reality bubble, on the other side of the tub (perhaps in what we might think of as a much higher frequency band), Earth is a pure, idyllic planet--where all work together in peace, love, and harmony.

    If this is a halfway accurate concept of existence, then perhaps it isn't such a difficult task to change our reality after all! Perhaps we don't have to physically change our world as so many feel we must do. If we wish to see changes, we simply change ourselves. Perhaps this "shift" in perspective moves our consciousness to a more compatible "bubble-reality"--one that reflects our new way of thinking.

    In this way, we may not have to work so hard at "shaping the bubbles" or our Earth to the form we'd like to create...instead, we shift ourselves, thought by thought, choice by choice, and bubble by bubble, toward the reality we'd like to experience.

    I'm not sure if I expressed that well enough for anyone to understand, but if so, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    With Love,


    1. Yes, Stargazer, you've expressed the concept beautifully! Thank you for sharing :)

      I like your analogy of bubbles! It's a great way of looking at parallel realities and simultaneous timelines.

      This gorgeous Planet was once on a higher dimensional plane (7 or higher), and then dropped in frequency to its current state over time. And if we remember, her original Blueprint wasn't what it is now, which is why many sources have said she is "returning" to her pristine condition, as the Jewel of this part of the Cosmic real estate. Her role is special and unique, being both experimental in many ways as well as having the honour as the living library, as described in Barbara Marciniak's early information.

      With that in mind, and using your bubble analogy, it certainly works, doesn't it? :)

      Nevertheless, it is also my own belief that a certain level of healing would need to take place, for many reasons. What with "wounded" timelines, broken ancestral lineages and all that, I can't help but feel very strongly that this healing is taking place right now, and the Collective Consciousness is involved. So in all fairness to the complexity of this Cosmic process, I can only say that there are so many "threads of reality" that are running simultaneously ~ there is no "one" answer to describe the process, which of course just exacerbates the complexity.

      And to add to the web...so many of us here right now are from just as many "origins", all with their own "objectives". It's like each "tribe" is weaving its own pattern, interdependently with as well as independently of the rest, but ultimately all are working to form the Big Picture...a wondrous tapestry of Ascension for Mother Gaia and Humanity.

      That's how I look at it :)

      Much Love,

  4. That is truly an amazing and wonderful picture!!! Thanks, Grace!

    With Love,