25 July 2015

Galactic Embodiment: Sub-Molecular LightBody Upgrades ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 21 July 2015

Source: Awakening to Remembering

The Light Beings' Upgrade Process does not conform to anything we expect, anything we "think" or believe we know or understand about it. It is an experience of the moment and what presents. The EMBODIMENT OF LIGHT is one of honor to one's own self.

Light activates multi-dimensionality here. It begins with the human and the higher self integrating as one, yet there are many higher selves, many aspects, many BEINGS that we've been/are becoming again. Integration of these is intense at times and always immense. Profound, brilliant, bizarre, magnificent... all understatements. ∞

The more light one holds, the less intense. Density goes with each activation and embodiment here. Physical density held all of one's separation from SELF AS SOURCE. Separation played out within the human mind, transmitted in frequency, can be heard. Speaking it out loud makes it visible here. No longer believing and participating allows one to clear and integrate it within.

There is no "way to do this journey", other than each moment presents. In the moment, one might have gotten up & taken a shower and to turn around and go right back to bed. One may have set aside days for work and sleep is all that occurs. One might "think" they are to do certain things, when their Universe throws curve-balls to re-route, re-schedule, re-direct all.

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