03 July 2015

July: Focus, Activation and the Divine Self ~ Sandra Walter ~ 2 July 2015

Window Into Infinity ~ Judith Shaw

The last of the Blood Moon Tetrad is on 28 September 2015.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

So much unfolded through the Solstice passage. June did indeed zoom by, and we are quickly moving into the July opportunities for expansion.

Deep gratitude to the Gatekeepers, Lightservers and all who anchored their intentions and crystals during the Solstice Gateway. Thank you for holding the intention, ceremony and service from the opening on Thursday with our first M flare, all the way through the 25th when our last M flare arrived. It was a brilliant shift, and the effects continue to anchor within us and the planet.

Many of you felt the deeper, more profound effects of participating in this activity; take note of your transformation. While the M-flares, radiation storms and magnetic fluctuations demonstrated the physical waves of light coming onto the planet, the light was directed at DNA activation and provided an energetic expansion to those on the path of Christed embodiment.

During Solstice the grid of I AM templates, stored in sacred sites upon Gaia and within deep crystalline beds (hence the crystal focus during Solstice and ongoing), released the next level of activations. These layers of energetic amplifications are released according to the ability of the collective to accept and integrate them.

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