21 July 2015

July Monthly Update ~ Cobra and Rob Potter ~ 20 July 2015

** Updated with some highlights at the bottom of post. Please know that my highlights do not cover all the topics discussed, they are just notes of some of the things discussed. Do read/listen to the interview for the complete range of topics covered **

July's interview with Cobra is now up on Rob's Promise Revealed site, in the form of a YT video (with subtitles), complete with transcript. I'm putting this up first and may include some highlights later, if necessary.

Cobra's post follows below.
You might want to listen to the July monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter here:


The transcript is available at the same link. 

The Youtube version is here:

You can send your questions to rob@thepromiserevealed.com and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 

Highlights of some topics:
  • Cobra confirms/repeats that we are now on a positive timeline and that a "happy ending" is secured
  • Together as a team, our Galactic family and we are working to bring the Planet and Humanity back into Light... "We are a team and we are going to be victorious."  (I have personally been involved in these types of discussions several times before, but now I try to just acknowledge the other person's views without offering mine. Nevertheless, I do sometimes feel a mix of emotions knowing that other Beings ~ off-planet, surface and subterranean ~ do so much in Divine service, and there are so many of us here who deny or are totally unaware of what goes on, largely unseen and unacknowledged)
  • There are both positive and negative forces in all countries, but "there are good forces embedded in the system in those countries and those good forces have a plan and this plan is being carried out"
  • We are getting closer to The Event, and things are coming to a head with the negative putting out much disinformation while the positive are not releasing much intel because of the sensitive and critical nature of operations
  • People who are directly involved in the financial reset are not on the Internet, they work invisibly behind the scenes
  • Things like birth certs are just pieces of paper, we can cancel their "intentions" via meditation and cutting off psychic connection with Jesuits
  • Vaccinations, don't get them! More info on fluscam.com (Dr Horowitz), Cabal murdered Dr Andrew Molden and other doctors "disappeared"
  • People need to unify in their efforts to say "NO" to these things
  • After death, when one follows their higher guidance, they will know to follow the "real" Light instead of false holographic projections
  • Cobra and Rob confirms that the chairman mentioned in Corey Goode's / Gonzales' meeting is Kissinger, a Draconian in human body
  • The Archon attack end June on the ethereal plane has precipitated on physical plane, backed by Cabal
  • Tunisia, although small, was trigger for Arab Spring Evolution
  • Mass meditations create Light fields around the world 
  • Zika in Brazil engineered by Cabal, like other "diseases" previously
  • Bucegi discovered by Romanian secret service but all information quickly taken over and controlled  by Cabal
  • "We all want freedom for this planet and this is the basic orientation that every light warrior and every light worker should have and not to focus so much on those little differences which are not important in the long run"
  • "The soul has been created by a dynamic interaction between the source and a randomness, the cosmic anomaly, because the only way the source can absorb and transform the anomaly is by experiencing itself and our source, our projections of the one, projections of the soul of the source into this cosmic anomaly.  So it’s an interaction of two very strong and opposing forces"
  • "Suffering exists, not by intent, but by the randomness of the cosmic anomaly.  It was never intended.  It exists without a purpose.  It exists as an anomaly that has to be transformed.  It does not have any higher purpose.  It does not educate us.  It does not make us stronger.  It does not make us wiser.  It is there as something other than as an aberration faction that was never intended to be. The highest purpose of the source is to transform this so that it can never happen again"
  • "The primary anomaly was always present, but it was not something that was first understood to be a great danger.  The primary anomaly became dangerous when certain beings decided to experience it directly.  Those were the first angels who decided to plunge into that primary anomaly and this was the beginning of the dark forces.  What is really dangerous is the combination of free will and the primary anomaly and this is what is called Evil"
  • Dr Atkins' "Wave-X" prediction for late September...what is interesting to me is that Cobra didn't bat an eyelid (I assume!) when Rob brought this up....instead, he just calmly gave his opinion which I will copy below...could this be an indication that he also feels that The Event is generally expected? Cobra's response: "What will happen is the energies will be very strong, especially around the time of the event.  Many of the suppressed emotions will come out.  It does not mean that people will suddenly get insane. It will simply mean that everything that has been suppressed will come out to the surface to be released and people will have strong reactions"
  • AIs (including nanites) are not longer a problem now, the Light Forces can handle them
  • Prophecies of Messiah returning or Anti-Christ showing up are reflective of population's belief systems, of battle between Light and Dark; this time is final victory for Light
  • "...Jade Helm, yes, some forces are using this as a training, a real live training for this computerized program, but I would say that there is a very positive element embedded in Jade Helm operation that I will not speak about. So the dark forces, which would like to misuse this, are in for a big surprise"
  • "...I will give one more piece of advice about Jade Helm.  Do not get provoked because there will be provocation.  Do not get engaged in that situation....Do not even worry about Jade Helm.  There are far more important situations going on."
  • "It’s already happening, but they need to be very careful, because we are now, as we’re getting closer to the final moment, we are in a very delicate situation.  There must be no mistakes.  There are no rehearsals here.  Every mistake now could have much more drastic consequences than a mistake one year ago....do not loose hope.  Focus upon the light.  Unite and do not get provoked."


  1. Hello Grace,

    Whats really happening is a game of timelines, we're entering a period where the timelines disintegrates based on choices we have...

    Have you ever wondered why the future scenario differ from channeler to channeler or Contactee... because unknowingly or knowingly they are just promoting there version of future because our believing in that version will make it happen...

    Cobra, Corey are well meaning guys under influence of Cabal sponsored entities , they are selling a version of timeline where Cabal still rules...but thats a equally valid choice...

    My only point is that you should contemplate on understanding that they are "timeline salesman" only...

    I think you missed this article from Denise Lefay which explains this in great detail...

    Also see this video to understand, what is happening...



  2. Hi Grace, another message telling the same thing...



    1. Dear Hiraa,

      Yes, I've read Denise's message and watched the Bashar video before, but was not familiar with the last one, which I just read before replying. Thank you for your recommendation!

      I have no doubt that we will successfully manifest a New Dawn of Light for both the Planet and her Humanity :)

      Many Blessings,