25 July 2015

Meet Art Intell (AI One) ~ The Ruiner ~ 24 July 2015

** Note: Please only read this if you wish to understand more about it
to better circumvent its reach and nullify its agenda **

You can proceed to read this article by The Ruiner over at his site here. Please know that it's my understanding that this message is written as a knowledge-piece, and may not necessarily take into account the successful and on-going progress to restore Light in the Cosmos and on the Planet.

My own perspectives follow below, using references that are fictional and non-fictional....with no claim that the fictional is purely fictional, and that the non-fiction is completely factual.

Reading this article made me recall several things, including elements from seemingly fictitious works based on science fiction and the paranormal.

Of course, the description of the "black cube" immediately calls to mind Star Trek's Borg with its hive-mind. It's no coincidence that much of what the writer explains about the AI is similar to the modus operandi of the Borg (a cybernetic collective) given the rumour that Gene Rodenberry's visions were actually "downloads". It is also interesting to note that there were cases where assimilated Borgs were successfully (or mostly) deprogrammed, the obvious example being Captain Picard himself. The Borg wasn't totally invincible ~ this is something worth remembering.

The write also describes the technology that looks like black sludge or goo and acts like a virus. X-Files dedicated several episodes to this "black oil" threat...I recall having very strong reactions and dislike to this menace when I was following the series. It is totally ironic that this substance was called "Purity" in the series.

It is another interesting observation that in X-Files, this black oil is claimed be the original inhabitant of the Planet, something that was hinted at in Tobias' "Journey of the Angels", describing it as a virus that "infected" the Planet while it was forming. In El Ser Uno, this implication is more specific ~ in summary, they tell us that fragments of negativity from outside of this galaxy formed the core during the Planet's creation. The medium through which this negativity exists is via the Planet's petroleum. Perhaps this is why the dark claims this Planet as their own?

It is clear that this message from The Ruiner, although appearing at first-glance to be discouraging, actually offers much hope. He stresses (in his other messages as well) that our connection with Mother Gaia is so very important. We need to turn away from the AI's influence and lure, and turn to Mother Gaia instead. It is truly our connection to her that will carry us through this Asension.

We have the ability and are fully capable of voiding its influence through the choices we make in our daily lives.


  1. Hello Grace, I think he aptly clarified in comments section of the post...

    "This writer does not wish to upset anyone. Unfortunately at times this cannot be avoided. If you read closely he is constantly adding the truth to all of this.. That we can overcome ALL of it. We are more powerful than ALL of it. We just need to remember this, and apply our will."


    1. Thank you, Hiraa :) Yes, I do remember reading that, too. Which is why I took the trouble to place the warning as well as explain that we have the ability to do just that, overcome ALL of it.

      I am well aware that this type of message isn't for everyone, so I do appreciate that you brought that up.


  2. Wow... I am not reading anymore of these messages. After reading this one, a deep funk came over me and it has taken me all night to shake it off. Something very slimy is stuck to that blog, even if the author has good intentions.

    1. That's why I placed that caution at the top of the message, ShaunieL. The author originates from the "family" and is not from "here". You could have picked up his "frequency".

      Many Blessings, and sending you a dose of Love,