16 July 2015

Personal Sharing 16 July 2015

Mount Kinabalu ~ Cambridge In Colour
The following describes a vivid dream I had yesterday. Everything was crystal clear, in rich hues of colour, and I have full recall of the dream. This usually means I'm being guided to share.

The Dream
There were many people onboard a vehicle that I would call a "bus", but it was nothing at all like a bus. In fact, the best way to describe it would be an amalgamation of land, sea and air vehicles. In the dream, although I refer to it as "bus", I was well aware that it wasn't one.

The atmosphere was calm and peaceful, although there were many people present. Nothing unusual at all about them, they looked like the everyday person you would meet when you go about your daily life. I would mention, however, that the colours of their clothes and the surrounding scene were vibrant, alive, and very beautiful. Everyone was apparently having the same destination, waiting for the vehicle to commence its journey.

Suddenly, there was a commotion as more people started boarding the "bus". Many people climbed up the steps leading into the inside area of the bus, and the noise level escalated as the chattering got louder. Someone announced loudly but pleasantly, "This is not a public bus! Please disembark."

So the people made a u-turn and exited through the adjacent door, filing out just as excitedly as when  they entered. The announcer then poked her head out of the door and repeated just as pleasantly to the rest of the crowd waiting outside, "This is not a public bus!"

When everyone who had to get off had left, the bus prepared to take off. I looked outside the bus on the right side (the entrance and exit doors were on the left), and spotted my own family member sleeping peacefully, safe and sound in what seemed to be like a "holding" area. She was on a bed, covered with a beautiful blanket, and she looked very comfortable. I took one last look at her and shifted my attention to the front of the bus, which was beginning to move....and wow, did we move!

We travelled at great speed along what I would call a "crossing". Because it wasn't a road, it wasn't the sea and we weren't actually in the air. The best word I can use to describe it would be "crosssing". There were numerous obstacles on this crossing, but we easily skimmed right past all of them. There were times when I thought we would hit some of them but no, the vehicle practically sailed through.

It was then that I realised that not only were we basically flying through this crossing easily, we were also simultaneously being "pulled", much like a tractor beam Star-Trek style. I felt then that it was as if everything was being done to make sure we crossed safely and successfully. We were bound to reach our destination, that was without a doubt.

This certainty made me feel very comforted and assured, and this was when the dream ended.

My Interpretation
This is definitely one of the easiest dreams to interpret ~ I don't even need to guess, it's like I know what everything is supposed to mean. I'm also quite certain that you know the meaning :)

At this point in the Ascension process, not everyone has made the conscious decision to go to the next phase (whatever "next phase" represents). Please know that this has nothing to do with elitist thinking ~ while some are committed to proceed to the next phase now (or in the very near future), there are some on the Ascension timeline that may choose to proceed later on. This is not a race, nor is it some demonstration of spiritual superiority.

What was very clear to me is that this bus, which is "not a public bus", is taking those who are prepared to leave the "public", to the next phase. Those that got on but had to then get off, are the ones who have chosen not to go to the next phase just yet. They are not yet willing to "leave the public". When they are ready, they will make the decision to proceed onwards.

Then there is the "holding" area where I saw my family member sleeping soundly. They are cared for while they are sleeping, but the sleep isn't for much longer because they too must awake in the near future and then prepare to eventually get on the bus. I'm very strongly guided to say that the interval between waking and then getting on the bus, is not long at all. And for those who still wish to be a part of the "public" even though they are awake, their turn to be on the bus is also not long away.

It all boils down to individual choice. The one sleeping now may very rapidly proceed forwards and get on the bus even sooner than those who still desire to be a part of the public. There are many buses waiting to take all who wish to proceed.

About the bus...the fact that it's an amalgamation of three different modes of transport (land, sea, air) makes it very clear to me that no matter which modality (mode) or technique or method we choose in our spiritual growth, we will still get to be on the "bus", make the crossing and get there. The mode doesn't matter...even if there's no mode! We don't have to belong to any group or receive special teachings to make it. We are being greatly assisted to get across.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm not fond of the notion of labels or the implication that some groups are more priviledged than others. What my dream clearly shows is that if we are committed and prepared to leave the "public" to getting across, there will be a "bus" to take us there, aided by a tractor beam to pull us through. There will be a huge momentum to get all of us across. The ultimate goal is the collective Ascension of the Human Race.


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