21 July 2015

Planet X...Not...! Frequency Shift Wave X Predictions ~ Dr Simon Atkins ~ 13 July 2015

I'm featuring this video of Dr Simon Atkins, which I mentioned briefly in the preceding post.

Although he speaks mainly about Wave-X, I'll just point out something else which really caught my attention. It's about Planet X or Nibiru....Dr Atkins categorically stresses that this is not a planet, but is actually Wave-X (The Event / Cosmic Pulse / Blue Pulse / Galactic Wave). He talks about this around the 39-minute mark, connecting it with the new Yuga that's been written about in ancient texts (end of dark Kali Yuga and the dawn of a Light one...Satya Yuga).

I will also make this reference ~ in a previous interview (April 2015) with Cobra and Rob Potter, Cobra insisted that there is no such thing as "Nibiru" and that it's not a planet. This is what he stated:
"Nibiru is completely and absolutely misinformation."

I certainly remember feeling surprised when I read that transcript! Although I have no comment about Sitchin's work, I had seen enough videos and pictures of "Nibiru" to believe it was a planet.

You can watch this hour-long video here. Of course, he talks about other issues on this video, one of which is about CERN, which Dr Atkins says is meant to push out Wave-X to prevent it from reaching us. Interestingly, he was taken off-air as he was speaking about this. Please also remember that this disgusting horror has failed several times before.

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