21 July 2015

Pre-September 2015 Chatter

Road to Sanitarium

This post is not necessarily about The Event, Cosmic Pulse, Blue Pulse, Wave-X, Galactic Wave...whatever term that has been assigned...I'm simply putting together some bits and pieces that I can recall that speak about some unusual or Cosmic occurrence that's expected by many sources sometime in the near future, with late September being the main focus. I will just assemble some information and leave it at that. At worst, they are just some opinions and at best, great morale and spirit boosters :)

Meanwhile, let's continue to do what we need to do, intend for the highest outcome, shine our Light and keep our vibrations high!

And obviously, I have not included many more sources who have brought out this time period up.

The Blood Moon Tetrad Thing
I'll start with something "for sure". And "scientific".

The last of these four Blood Moons is set to occur on 28 September 2015. Although there are mini-apocalyptic prophecies about end-times attached to it, we know that the term "end-times" is actually a very, very good thing indeeed. The end of the world as we know it, and the birth of the New. Yes, please! :)
PS...and "Apocalypse" really means "unveiling".

Matt Kahn's First Wave of Ascension
Matt has stated some time ago that the First Wave of Ascension will begin around the time of this September Blood Moon. A few people have written to me privately about this with some concerns so I'll say a bit more, given that I've just heard Matt talk about it again, this time in detail and clearing up some very misguided notions around it. This is also important to me personally because it relates directly with a dream I had (and wrote about)....it literally set off many lightbulbs for me :)

This is not about elitism or spiritual superiority or who's better/worse etc. Matt clarifies very definitively that this First Wave refers to people who have basically seen through the illusion of 3D, who know that it's not working, who are ready to go "Home". So this is very much about and totally dependent on each individual ~ the decision is for each one of us to make.

This "wave" is about those who will be integrating 5D consciousness right here on Planet Earth....no one is "going anywhere", instead, we are anchoring the New World right here beneath our feet. And as more and more 5D is anchored, the easier it would get for the succeeding "waves" to also integrate this higher consciousness.

Here is the post about Matt's First Wave message. I thought it had come out early this year, but I was wrong ~ it was in April 2014!! Felt like just a few months back...

Dr Simon Atkins' Wave-X
I heard this interview of Dr Simon Atkins on the Truth Frequency/Phoenic Rising Radio some weeks ago. There was a whole bunch of things that Dr Atkins mentioned and predicted for September 2015, all related to this super-uber Wave-X energy that will sweep the Planet and trigger a frequency shift in consciousness. You can easily find more details about what he's predicted, very many bloggers have posted this information.

This is what I found on his YT video, which I'll likely listen to in full later:
"Wave X is already happening: it is an intergalactic energy field, heading toward Earth, due to swing through from late August into late September / early October. 
It's very likely going to cause a massive awakening on our planet. Humanity will intend to evolve. Will the process be accomplished? There will be areas of increased economic chaos, planetary natural disasters, and a 'rip' in the social fabric."

June Solstice Additional Alerts
This post contains more "alerts" about this anticipated time. I will specially mention the one by Daniel Teague, wherein he gave the date 16 August as the time of great change.


  1. .. aka "Earth's Planetary Ascension into 5D Gaia" :)

    Accdg. to Denise's messengers, we might be as close as end of this month (July) or beginning of August now, yippie! source:

    1. Quite a few people have sent me the same link! Thanks, Lee :) I'll have to read it once I get the comments published. Namaste

  2. Dear Grace,

    Remember the woman who wrote to you about the White Feather synchronicity?

    This is her latest message from the Sphere Beings and it is validating what Daniel brought forth if you would care to check it out:


    And... I finally got my blog up and running again - not sure where it is running to - but it is online once again! http://dreamingstarfire.blogspot.com

    Do you mind if I post some of your articles about your personal dreams and visions?

    Many Blessings...

    1. Dear ShaunieL,

      Yes, I remember Denice, we've communicated via email as well. I've been pointed to this same message quite a few times so I will definitely take a look.

      All the best to you, ShaunieL!! I'm sure your blog will be yet another medium for you to spread your Light :) Please go right ahead to use my articles, I don't mind at all. Thank you for shining your beautiful Light!

      Much Love,

  3. I find it important and helpful to note Corey Goode's Response re. Denise's messages, Corey being the Sphere Being Alliance's "official" intel outlet. Summed up, he pretty much states that these messages are fake:

    This person "Denise" and another making these "Sphere Alliance" messages are NOT affiliated with the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Being Alliance. They claim to be in contact with the 2 beings that have not made them selves known. This gives them away right away. There is a reason these other 2 groups are not making themselves known or communicating with any 3rd/4th Density beings. Always use discernment with all information and sources. Many are jumping on the bandwagon of the Sphere Alliance and Blue Avians right now. Once the Image of the Blue Avians is released this is going to occur at an even bigger rate. This has been going on for a while but I was warned it would pick up at an unbelievable rate.

    [I have reviewed a few of the messages from the channeler Denise before, which follow the same sort of narrative offered in many contemporary channelings. On the surface there doesn't appear to be anything malicious offered, but I did notice in the 22nd message, a timeline was offered for an 'Incoming Wave of Energy' set to occur at the end of July or early August.

    Whether or not this person is actually in contact and relaying information from the Sphere Being Alliance is unclear. According to Goode, they are not making genuine contact with two of the unrevealed Sphere Alliance races. In the past he has mentioned that the Sphere Being Alliance is composed of five races, one of which is the Blue Avians. Corey has had contact with Raw-Tear-Eir of the Blue Avian race, which is the only race actively working with the SSP Alliance.

    Note: The SSP Alliance is a group of off world humans and secret space program assets who allied for the purpose of freeing humanity from the Dark Fleet. This group is allied with the Sphere Being alliance in an advisory capacity. The Sphere Beings are here to oversee the energetic transition of the solar system at large, and is using the hundreds of spheres at their employ to diffuse galactic 'tsunami' waves of energy that are up-stepping the solar system. The SSP Alliance is the group who intends on having a massive disclosure event, the 'data dump' and tribunal to adjudicate the Cabal members who are partially responsible for the present state of affairs on earth; with the rest of humanity acting as pawns in the global game of domination and control. In other words, the Sphere Beings are not calling the shots, but acting as advisers to the SSP Alliance. This SSP Alliance is the main decision making body which has the agenda to free humanity.

    In this sense humanity is 'saving itself' and this should not be confused with the many channeled, spiritual and prophetic narratives which assert ET's will come and save humanity.

    As for the data offered by the channelings of Denise. Again I am not wholly familiar with these works, but the last message regarding a prediction of an event could be a type of honey pot for those exploring the Sphere Being narrative as disclosed by Corey Goode. If nothing happens over the course of time mentioned, then the affect on consciousness would be a negative association. Since many people will not make any differentiation between the two groups, a guilt by association consciousness will be offered to humanity; when the DNA upgrade does not take place. And as a result, it will have the affect of discrediting the narrative put forth by Corey.

    read more: http://sitsshow.blogspot.it/2015/07/cosmic-disclosure-with-corey-goode-on.html?m=1

    1. Thank you, Lee...it's a minefield out there! Let's just look ahead and stay the course...our Ascended World WILL manifest...it's just a question of "when".


  4. Maybe this below is the key for differentiation and diversification (from a new msg from the Sphere Alliance thru Denise via American Kabuki http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/2015/07/sphere-alliance-message-23-gathering-of.html?m=1):

    > As you know there are over 1,000 Spheres representing 400 civilizations from this Verse alone.
    > We say to you that the ‘gathering’ is growing exponentially and the vigor in which all are awaiting the next transmission is very palpable.

    Corey only refers particularly to the Sphere BEINGS Alliance, which is a human labeling depicting 5 of this Galaxy's oldest races from the center of the galaxy (from what I know also referred to as The Ancients Of Days in other scriptures and channelings).

    So Denise's source might be of good and honest intent and accurate knowledge, as Corey and his source - different than Denise's - are, too.

    1. That is entirely possible, Lee. There are so very many LWs who are intent on helping, and I have no doubt that they are all guided by what they believe is true for them (including you and me!!). The Big Picture surely is way beyond what the human mind can comprehend, and "down here" we can only see small sections.

      I am in no position to offer validation of any sort....not even for the sources that I usually and regularly post...apart from my own guidance, sometimes in the form of visions and dreams.
      What I look forward to daily is the manifestation of Life as it was meant to be for us, and that is what keeps me going :)

      We'll get there, Lee....

      Namaste and Blessings,

  5. Wow, they replied via Denise in a really fine manner, see http://americankabuki.blogspot.de/2015/07/sphere-alliance-message-26-question.html?m=1 :)

    1. Yet another "stream" coming in....!! It's been said that they are running out of parking space "out there"....so many ships here now for our Planetary and Humanitary Ascension!

  6. "The Event" aka "The Wave" to happen a week from now? --> http://americankabuki.blogspot.de/2015/07/sphere-alliance-message-29-incoming.html?m=1 :)

    1. Thank you, Lee. I don't think I have the frame of Heartmind to go through another Christmas....