18 July 2015

The Attached ~ The Ruiner ~ 17 July 2015

A bit of background here, for those who may find it useful.

Some years ago, Tobias (via Geoffrey Hoppe of Crimson Circle) related the epic "Journey of the Angels", which is the story of Humanity here on Planet Earth. In the story, Tobias said that in the birthing process of Life on the Planet, as well as the creation of the Planet herself, there was a moment where "a virus" had contaminated the experiment. At that point, the creators had contemplated if they should end the creation process and start anew, or proceed, given that so much time, effort and attention had gone into this birthing. Ultimately, the decision was to continue.

Although not very much has been said about this "virus" (as far as I know, because I left the Crimson Circle teaching soon after Tobias "left" to physically incarnate here), I have since come to understand that it refers to the negative entities (or source of darkness), or in other words, "The Attached", as The Ruiner calls them.

Also, in El Ser Uno (and I hope I remember correctly), it is said that in the creation process of this Planet, a negative "aspect" that came from elsewhere was unintentionally a part of its initial formation. This negative "aspect" is the source of darkness, which spread as time went by.

In this message from The Ruiner, my opinion is that the main thing to know is that we are Sovereign Beings with creator abilities. Own our Sovereignty, step into our own power, and we are on the right track to resolve this ancient issue once and for all.

Source: The Ruiner

There are entities attached to this planet that seem so difficult to explain that we have developed a great deal of different names and characteristics to be attributed to them.

The most popular name is Archons.

Some say they are alien or ET.  All planets have these beings whether they hold other life or not.  The only reason your writer feels it fair to call them alien is they are not natural but rather attachments, that have come from somewhere else.  There is much speculation over where this,  somewhere else,  actually is but your writer does not feel this is important.  What matters is they were here long before us.

As conscious beings they are very much like us in terms of having personality, although perhaps billions of years has made them bitter, twisted and malicious beings.

They do not have what we have.  The physical form.  Flesh, blood.  They have shape without size and energy without boundaries.  Thoughts and feeling with limited ability to act or function, alone.
Which is where we come in.

Please read on....

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