26 July 2015

The First Wave of Ascension and the Light Body ~ Matt Kahn with Lauren Galey ~ 19 July 2015

Kundalini Dance

Another date being mentioned here....but in all fairness, Matt Kahn had stated about a year ago that the first wave of Ascension would take place at the time of the last Blood Moon Tetrad, which falls on 27 September, just two months away (more details here). In this interview with Lauren Galey, he explains more about what this actually means. I feel it's really important for us to understand with more clarity what may unfold come that time so that we don't cease our own inner work and get lost in the tsunami of information and messages that are inundating our outer experience.

Matt also expands on the LighBody activations that are occurring presently, resulting in the sense of emptiness (yet feeling “full”) that he had touched upon previously (see here). There is a lot of information here that I feel is very relevant for us ~ I hope you will find it beneficial. The information deals with the spiritual work we have to do, which I usually nag about :) Just know that my intention is good...

You can listen to the interview here; if I remember correctly, it's about 2 hours long.

Some notes about what was discussed:
  • Emptiness of the LightBody activations means no high/low extremes; this emptiness is natural state of Love, leading to “resurrection” when we reach spiritual maturity and then the passion returns
  • We need more Love, not less
  • Each person is her/his own dimension
  • Relaxing into the Ascension process facilitates the rate at which it unfolds
  • Time vs Intensity related to Heart Chakra opening; the faster this unfolds, the more intense the process (we have chosen “accelerated”...yay! *just relax while gritting our teeth*....this is what we want, we can take it!)
  • Pain when Heart Chakra opening ~ relax body part around pain i.e. holding sacred space for the heart opening
  • “How can I relax when I feel this way?” By being honest with what's happening
  • We are nothing but pure Divinity so how do we embody 100% of our Divinity? Be our best friend and ally so that we can learn to feel good about ourselves
  • First Wave 27 September: first group to board the plane but plane won't take off until all onboard
  • Ascension: for you, through you, on a personal level, for Divinity awakening within
  • This is when First Wave aligns with 5D consciousness, integrates it then enter doorway of 5D...no one “disappears”! 3D understanding of Ascension is literal, 5D understanding is metaphorical. What disappears is ego/separation
  • Loneliness is when we haven't spent enough time communicating with the emptiness of Love. 

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