11 July 2015

The Ground Crew Update ~ Valerie Donner ~ 10 July 2015

Source: The Ground Crew

Dear Ground Crew,
         First, I send my love and blessings to you and all of the millions of Lightworkers on the planet. It feels like we need all of the help that we can get these days. I am happy that we are connected, reaching out, taking back our power and stepping into our divine purpose on the planet.
Do any of you feel as if you are waiting for new assignments? It’s like being in the void and knowing one can’t go back and yet the future is completely unpredictable. Everything is changing and one can’t tell from moment to moment what is happening. I always say, ‘Follow the energy.” The energies are choppy and chaotic.

For the first time in 12 years I am re-scheduling my Mt. Shasta Retreat to the fall. Usually my “Heart of the Mountain Retreat” comes together easily and joyfully but this year is different. Some people said they were coming and changed their minds. It was a ping ponging that I had to pay attention to and left me with questioning the certainty of doing the retreat this summer. 

Astrologically, it might have been an inappropriate time for the retreat, so for whatever reason I am going with the flow. We simply cannot expect anything to be the way it was and for good reason. Even if we don’t understand why a certain desire is not manifesting the universe has reasons for our highest good about where to be and what to do.

This is not fun for control freaks who want everything to be the way that it has been. If you are one of those you might as well let control go. One of my friends loves to go camping in the summer. She also has a serious health challenge that makes her traveling cumbersome. Twice she has had to be flexible about her camping due to rain and another’s illness. What are you going to do but understand the universe has your best interests at heart?

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