28 July 2015

The Light Alliance ~ Gordon Asher Davidson with George Noory ~ 8 July 2015

This portion of a longer show on Coast to Coast with George Noory is not "newsy", but I'm new to Gordon Asher Davidson's work and I appreciate being able to look at our Planetary and Humanity quantum Shift from his angle, with different terms to boot. I only listened to the first hour (Gordon comes in around the 20-minute mark); you can hear what he has to say on Coast to Coast's own site, or if you are unable to listen there, then try Z Fire Light.

Some notes:
  • Author of "Transfiguration of Our World", website World Transfiguration
  • Earth as a chakra of the Solar System (I never thought of it that way before...Gordon looks at creation much in the same vein as El Ser Uno, as "one Being")
  • 911 resulted in Solar System being unable to ascend as a collective Being
  • Solar Council then issued Solar Decree to remove dark ET entities from Planet and increase Light energies to Planet; 2002 was the game changer
  • Mentions the episode where underground portal was created by the Light Forces in 2011, then everyone and everything in the underground bases were pulled through this, resulting in earthquake in Virginia which damaged Washington Monument
  • (I remember Zorra talking about this around that same time)
  • Galactic Light Alliance and Earth Light Alliance working together, therefore our contribution and participation is necessary
  • Confirms that Light Forces now getting upper hand 
  • Powerful and high frequency energy coming into the Planet
  • Negative nature of Life here needed to be fully exposed so that we realise total reform is the only solution.

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