22 July 2015

Transcript: Alkesh and Maarten Horst Interview on 25 June 2015

The Etheric Chronovisor

The transcript for the above interview (which was posted here) is now available.

Source: Galactis

Interview hosted by Maarten Horst
(June 25, 2015)

MAARTEN HORST: Welcome to the program, my friends. Welcome to ET First Contact Radio. Sorry for the hick-up, I had some interference in my connection. But, as I told you, we are live with Alkesh, our Sirian brother, who has amazing information. Alkesh, what have you recently seen in the etheric chronovisor?
ALKESH: From the mother-ship Anais, you mean?

MAARTEN HORST: Yeah, I interviewed you last year about Comet Ison and the Event, and also, you have published a new video, THE ETHERIC CHRONOVISOR and the… how do you pronounce it… Perdicular spaceship… or rectangular? It’s a difficult word; can you say, what is the name of your latest documentary, Alkesh?

MAARTEN HORST: The “lenticular” has to do with the shape, yes?
ALKESH: Yes, it’s not such a difficult word but… anyway. It’s more unusual than others. So, first I’d say you have to understand that the Etheric Chronovisor is not like a “magic mirror” or a “crystal ball”. I’d say it is a piece of high technology from the etheric plane, which allows us to see some images, and much, much more than that. It also allows things to be perceived through the other senses; it allows access to some very intelligent summaries of problems, situations, historical moments and facts; and it can also calculate the very complex astrophysical reality at the confluence between the physical and etheric plane, because it identifies the dimensional portals, utilised by the Sirian mother ship, or other Sirian ships for their moving. There are probably thousands of such chronovisors in the etheric part of the ship. Obviously, we haven’t seen but a part of them.
Well, recently we have focused our attention on certain scientific data, which we want to present in the GALACTIC MYSTERIES series… For example, we in particularly investigate aspects connected to Heisenberg’s uncertainty in quantum mechanics; the way it is understood by modern science and what it really represents. This is what we’re interested in at the present.

MAARTEN HORST: Now I want to move on to the next question. What other functions does the chronovisor has, Alkesh?
ALKESH: Pretty much that which I have mentioned already. The interaction with it is very complex, because it is a kind of “empathetic transmission”, in so much as that you ask clearly with your senses and thoughts to be seen and known by you, the chronovisor makes it appear and you feel it with all the five senses. So, there are three levels of guidance, like a control panel. However, it is necessary to learn how to use it and this takes some time, but mainly it is like a process of interactive emanation between the being and chronovisor.

MAARTEN HORST: Ok. Yes, I can presume… are the consoles of the etheric chronovisor organic?
ALKESH: No. The consoles are not organic. They are made up of etheric material and are energetically connected to information in superior, subtle planes: astral, mental and causal. In the physical plane people are used to the fact that everything they do can be touched with fingers or hands; in the etheric plane, when you are in front of a chronovisor, only a part of these actions correspond to the movement of the fingers, the rest are subtle, energetic interactions of an emotive and mental nature.

MAARTEN HORST: Right. That makes it clear for me. Ok. Thank you.
ALKESH: For example, you cannot “start” the chronovisor if you are not very focused or if there is not a powerful energetic resonance between you and what you want to find out. It is not enough to just be curious. The connections and interaction with the chronovisor is complex and this is the case with its commands as well.

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