11 July 2015

William and Jack, The Watchers ~ Guardians of Gaia via Jean Rockefeller ~ July 2015

Life's Answers From Within

I'm new to this source, so I don't know much about the history or background. However, a dear Soul sent this message to me and while reading through it, felt I needed to share. Thank you, dear Ellie <3

A couple of things I have to mention, which also served to connect me to the message in a deeper way. The first thing is that the message contains information about the recent wave of energy that has come in during the recent Solstice. I had mentioned in a previous post that we should prepare and be ready for this new wave (June Solstice...Get Ready) ~ I feel very sure that this is what The Watcher talked about.

The second thing is an incident that I had not written about, because I didn't feel it was anything special or significant at that time. A few days after I posted my message, I kept getting the option to download a Unicorn design for my tabs. That happened now and then, and I just saw it again a couple of days ago. It's only after I read this message from The Watcher that I see the connection!

The Watcher's message follows:

Although at least one of the Watchers that lives with me always lends their energy to each message, William wanted it made clear for this message.
Here's William:
"It is now time for humanity to truly open their Hearts as well as their eyes because there recently came an immense energy wave that is now creating palpable change in our reality. The energy wave will continue to move in synchronous rhythm with the Gaia from now until the end of September.
A flow of positive change is now on the brink of breaking through the darkness. Although our true Dawn came on 12/21/12, we are just now witnessing the effects of that moment. Change initially occurs slowly but as it gains momentum, it becomes an unstoppable force. Having almost reached a critical mass point, we cannot stop now. We must feed the flow with Loving thoughts, Loving words and Loving deeds. It is vital now to not fall prey to fear. I will continue to offer my energy and assistance to any and All whom request it. Specifically, I assist in releasing detrimental energy from the physical layer of the Heart. Blessed Be You Are. William, the Watcher."

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  1. Dear Grace,

    Just discovered this on Youtube and there is a transcript on the website. It puts things into context like the article from Untwine, but from a new and refreshing angle.

    Website with transcript: https://renegadethoughts.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/generally-speaking-this-is-the-shift/

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWVp42mvLl8

    This information really resonated and there was no polarization, no Lightworker Loops, just a balanced look at what is happening and how to look at it in a new light.

    Anyway, thought it might resonate with you.

    Many Blessings...

    1. Thank you, dear ShaunieL :) Yes I do remember reading that not too long ago.

      What's encouraging is that the present sentiment seems to indicate some sort of wrapping-up of this reality, so that's something we can definitely look forward to!

      Love and Blessings,