20 August 2015

A Small Fragment of Solara's August 2015 Surf Report ~ Go! Stop! Go!

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Source: The Nvisible

Even though August is full of action, exciting opportunities and New Beginnings, it is also a month of major rewiring. At times, we may feel like only half of our inner circuits are operating properly. This rewiring is happening to enable us to move to a totally new level.

While our inner circuitry is being completely rewired, this causes occasional shorts to develop in our internal wiring which create a STOP. and GO! effect. It feels like we are receiving lots of mixed messages such as, "Go ahead now!" "Stop!!!" "Move forward!" "Lie down in bed". It's confusing at times as our inner circuitry connects and disconnects and reconnects, making everything continually STOP. and GO!

The Stopping is occurring through health issues, the breakdown of electronics and other devices, as well as unexpected financial expenditures.

At the same time, the gears of the wheels within wheels sometimes seem to get stuck for a bit, then burst free again with a sudden forward motion. All of this is having the effect of slowing us down, so we're not able to rush ahead with our hands full of the old ways of doing things and trip over our outdated beliefs, methods and habits. We can't take anything for granted. We can't depend on having our usual energy. Instead, we are given time to be properly rewired into the super authentic frequencies of the New Reality. This makes August feel like we have a Yellow Light, instead of a Green one. We can go forth, but we need to proceed with caution.

August is a month in which we need to bring all elements of our lives onto an entirely new level of Trueness. We will comb through everything to see what can be brought to the new level of greater Trueness and what can now be discarded. And we will take the needed steps to do this. As we move onto the new level, our old level dissolves under our feet. This is when we have to be careful that we don't stumble with it.

This is a month of honing and refining our discernment. To do this, we need to continually ask ourselves, "Is this real?", "Is this still true for me?", "Does this come from duality or from the New Reality?" "Do our actions come from Love or Fear?", "Is what I am participating in birthing the New Reality or is it sustaining the old energies?" "Is what I am doing bringing greater Trueness to the planet or is it just repeating the old?".
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