16 August 2015

Addicted to External Solutions: The Old Dis-empowerment ~ Denise LeFay ~ 15 Auguts 2015

Lila Violet

You've just got to hand it to Denise for telling it like it is :) 

Her message is useful for those who need a quick boost to take that next step forward. I'll just sneak in something that works very well for me, and is the basis for seeing myself as a Divine Human. We are Divine Sparks of Source, so my first connection is with my own Divinity. This then allows me authentic connections not only with others, but to Mother Gaia, our Sun (whom I call "Surya"), our Inner Sun, the Galactic Sun/Centre, Prime Creator, Source....

Source: High Heart Life

I’ve wondered for years how the human population would make the massive shift out of the old lower frequency lies and greatly limited consciousness into the NEW higher level. Utter dis-empowerment has been so thoroughly ingrained into humanity for so long that I’ve wondered how that great leap could even be made. Answer, massive amounts of different frequencies of Light Energies pulsed wave after wave from the Galactic Center, and even more from sources far beyond the Milky Way galaxy, physically and energetically impacting the solar system, Earth and humanity for many years.

All that naturally and automatically activates the intentionally disconnected DNA within humanity (old Team Dark actions) to jump start this Evolutionary Cycle that will happen at a higher level of being, consciousness and reality providing a NEW physical earthly schoolroom for ascended humanity with NEW tools and NEW blueprints. Sounds so easy doesn’t it, but we know differently! This has been real work and dangerous at that and it’s taking more linear “time” than we’d like mostly because many of us are utterly exhausted and in great pain from living and embodying the Ascension Process first.

Please read on.....

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