02 August 2015

Amun: The Mystery of a Sublime Sirian Being ~ Galactis ~ 28 July 2015

For those who are familiar with Galactis' documentaries and Alkesh's interviews may be interested in this article, which provides more background to the overall role of the Sirian mothership Anais, Amun and her crew. It also explains in more detail their approach towards Disclosure and Contact.

Source: Galactis

Ever since this site was founded and our documentaries about the Sirian civilisation from the Sirius A system were presented, many of those who wrote to us wanted to know who is Amun, what role does she have within the framework of current events on our planet, what is her level of consciousness, what physiological traits does she have and many other questions related to the one who is the commander of the huge mother-ship Anais, which is orbiting Earth.

Generally speaking, an extraterrestrial mother-ship is a construction of planetary dimensions and it is obvious that in these circumstances it must require highly advanced energetic and structural solutions. Human beings, not used to developing, designing and implementing flying vehicles bigger than tens of metres in size, are often tempted to deny the existence of such gigantic ships. Most of them because of their concepts and the laws of modern science. The vast majority of humankind accept only what they know, what they have seen or experienced, but when something new appears, especially of a gigantic large-scale, their first reaction is to deny or distrust it. In episode 2 of the TERRA GALACTICA series we will present details of the design and creation of a Sirian mother-ship, as well its mission and integration in the Macrocosm.

Being slightly larger than one-half of our planet, the Sirian mother-ship Anais is habitat of approximately three hundred million extraterrestrial beings, in the great majority belonging to benevolent Sirian race. Many of these beings come from colonies on other solar systems of our galaxy, which have been populated over time by the originating Sirian race from the Sirius A system. The commander of the entire vessel is Amun, an feminine extraterrestrial Sirian being which normally does not usually manifest in the physical plane, but in the subtle, etheric, astral and mental planes.

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    1. Unfortunately, it would seem that all the videos, the website and facebook page no longer exist. Blessings