02 August 2015

Cecil the Lion: The King Lays Down His Life, Long Live the Humble Servant ~ Carol Ann Ciocco ~ 1 August 2015

I found Carol's insight into the tragic killing of Cecil and its symbolism for Humanity very compelling (minus the astrology bit, which I don't really understand). And I never thought of it before, but Carol's comparison with Narnia's Aslan really amazed me!

Source: Three Moon Ocean Astrology

"Nowadays everybody wants to become a leader. No one wants to become a servant. In reality, the world is badly in need of servants, not leaders. A real servant is a real leader. A real leader is one who really serves the people without ego and egocentric desires. Real greatness lies in humility and simplicity." ~ Amma

As you probably know,  Cecil , a beloved Lion in Zimbabwe, was killed by an American dentist on July 1, 2015. This has caused global outrage, and rightly so.

Many have written to me asking about how the death of Cecil the Lion may relate to the Lion's Gate  that I mentioned in my previous newsletter ( http://conta.cc/1h8mhIP )

In Truth, this tragic occurrence is in alignment with a portent of the Skies. As Above, So Below: We are seeing a shift in leadership and government on Earth, as reflected in a rare, 2,000-year cycle of a key Star in our Heavens changing signs.

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