06 August 2015

Connecting Consciousness With Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 2 August 2015

I had intended to write a more detailed summary, but it's already taken me three days to finish listening to this 2-hour interview, so here it with just some highlights that I can recall. You can listen to the interview here.

  • Not to confuse the Photon Belt with "The Wave" (we've already entered the Photon Belt, you can watch this video if interested)
  • Planetary alignment on August 15 ~ Cern expected to ramp up in attempt to prevent Earth's connection with Source energies (but please remember this will not be permitted to occur, as assured by Cobra)
  • Blanket of reptilian energy around Earth for past 2 years, resulting in stagnation; Divine Consciousness will be projected over entire Planet in September to break status quo
  • Simon doesn't wish to see "a replay of 2012"...don't expect fireworks (would be nice, though....)
  • This is God Mind sending out healing energy 
  • 2012 ~ door kicked open, never to be closed again (we got out of a timeloop)
  • September is crunch-time!
  • (I just realised "discernment" has "Cern" in it....)
  • Blue Avians ~ using the "blue programming", "jury still out" as to authenticity of claims
  • Somewhere towards the end, Simon talks about "Dad" and is unable to ascertain if the Draconis mentioned by Corey Goode is Anu or one of the two sons as he hadn't read that report. The Ruiner has written about this same topic, implying that Enki is really Enlil, and vice-versa. If memory serves, he also mentions that one of the sons was left behind to mind this "empire"
  • Explains the story of Adam and Eve, where there were more "couples" than just one. The serpent was one of the sons (he didn't say which one) who tried to tell the truth about Man's origin to Eve, so that she could tell Adam
  • Also talks a bit about Black Goo, referring to Harald Kautz-Vella's information (another topic that The Ruiner has written about).

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