12 August 2015

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 5 July 2015

I'm going back to the July broadcast because I feel that there are some important topics discussed. Highlights below, these are not all-inclusive and are for the first hour only. The second hour includes more discussions about our Spirit Tech (our DNA) as well as the-topic-that-refuses-to-die ~ "Flat Earth", and Soul origins (at the end).

If you haven't yet listened to Simon's session for August and wish to have a peek at some topics raised, you can view the highlights here.

To listen to this interview, please go here.

  • US Govt "recognised" by non-benign ETs as this is the one they control
  • Incredibly complex to take down (negative) energy grid that surrounds planet; while majority do not do anything about it, it's taken as tacitly accepted, we need to DO SOMETHING and not just leave it to others
  • Term "Prison planet" used because Archon advanced technologies used to trap us here
  • Crystalline chambers not the same as technology used by Archons (virtual ascension); the former (Lemurian) have ability to transcend dimension
  • Christ Consciousness "fragments" attach to certain Souls; auric fields of individuals may take on characteristics of Higher Beings they resonate with
  • "Second Coming" ~ energy template/blueprint that will interact on physical plane
  • Knights Templars "protect" exotic technology that are on the Planet (including Ark of Covenant?)
  • Do we participate in assisting in creating a better world? Or sit it out, peacefully and quietly? Yes! As long as we don't become corrupted by the energies, the system will always seek to change and corrupt eg. Hippies in 60s
  • Don Juan ~ possibly an enlightened Soul as opposed to Avatar; like some read their DNA (massive memory bank) rather than Akashic records directly
  • A number of individuals on Planet incarnate now contain pure Soul data (DNA codes) ~ direct link to Source; the dark mustn't be allowed to get hold of this
  • "Something huge is going to happen" ~ massive revelation that we've been lied to; we ourselves must make this play out
  • Simon's mission must complete first before he can "go"
  • When a reptilian forms a positive connection with a Pleiadean (example), wounds are healed; it's not what you are, it's what you choose to do/be; that's one of the "tests" here on Earth
  • How long does it take to reclaim/reactivate DNA strands? What will it take? While we are still here, we will still be affected by the mind-wipe even if we activate all 12 strands; however, if we have all 12 strands and we incarnate here, we can "reboot" and therefore retain our memories; how long it takes depends on individual but "as long as we've got what we need when the shutters come down (in 2017)", then that's all that matters
  • Jinns used to control others; playing with Ouija board can open up portals to them
  • Positive effects of pyramids, cites the ones built in Russia (by Alexander Golod?).

Please listen to this video (about 2 hours) here.

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