21 August 2015

Corey Goode with George Noory ~ Beyond Belief

Corey Goode has a second stream in GaiamTV, this time appearing in George Noory's Beyond Belief series. Again, I repeat what I said previously about GaiamTV, I'm not saying go be a subscriber, that decision is yours alone to make.

Some of the information that Corey brings to the interview table is unpleasant to know, but seriously OK, it's time we open our eyes to the reality of what's really happening around us. I mentioned recently that the time has come when we all start to shine our Light on all these dark, hidden dungeons and help to expose them for what they truly are ~ diabolical abominations against Humanity and the Planet.

When more and more of us know about their crimes, it would be harder for them to continue perpetuating them. Part of our job as Light Servers is to bring all that is dark, to Light.

I've watched many other interviews from other whistle-blowers, and let me assure you that those dungeons need to be exposed, and it's only a matter of time before that happens. What Corey has said so far is mild compared with what's been reported by many others, so he's a good starting point if you don't wish to plunge too deep for now.

You can watch this interview at GaiamTV. 

At the rate Corey's going, GaiamTV may just give him his own channel :)

*Milab = Military Abduction

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