13 August 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Alton Barnes Rabbit Crop Circle ~ Michael Glickman ~ 12 August 2015

The thing about Crop Circles is that we just don't look at the formation and go "ahhhh...." and then forget about it. To me, CCs require a connection with the formation to glean deep insights into the message it's trying to broadcast, or see details that the casual eye doesn't notice.

Michael Glickman is an example of someone who does justice to the CC phenomena. I just read his insights into the Alton Barnes Rabbit CC, and this chap truly deserves more credit than is given to him.

When I first saw this Crop Circle a few weeks ago, it was obvious that it wasn't just a cartoon bunny. Cute, yes, but I felt there was more to it, as is always the case with CCs. But I had no clue as to the message it was trying to convey, nor did I notice any significant geometric connections.

Trust Michael to come with with his observations! No "message" though....

Source: Michael Glickman on Crop Circles

Looking back over the crop circle years I realise that what has depressed me most (even more than the hollow claims of the man-made fundamentalists) is the way so many approach a circle with their minds switched off, their tongues ready to wag and – above all – their eyes closed.

The Alton Barnes Rabbit of 14th July 2015 [1] proves my point. This unique little formation showed a stylised, almost cartoon-like, bunny rabbit placed within a circular frame.

From the start it was evident to me that this was a brilliant and economically constructed design [2] that delighted in its own graphic skill. The rabbit’s body was another simple ring, smaller than the frame. The two rings, the frame and the body, were delicately connected by both the elegantly drawn ear and the small circle of the tail. The head was simply and evocatively drawn with two arcs (about which more later) with an eye that appeared more human, maybe even Egyptian, than rabbit.

Please read on....

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