28 August 2015

Final 8-8-8: Lion's Gate August 28th ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 26 August 2015

Source: New Earth Central

The rare 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate portal was initiated on August 8th, as star Sirius conjoined the Sun at the morning horizon. Since that date, there have been 2 more Triple 8 days in August on 17th and today, 26th. The Triple 8 Lion’s Gate opens the Infinity portal that propels you past all previous limitations. It is the symbol of expanding beyond your normal boundaries.

The 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate opened the Infinity Stargate for all to embrace the photonic light infusion of unity consciousness streaming from the Great Central Sun. We are currently integrating the powerful Infinity Activations into our heart, mind, and body so that we can access more knowledge and understanding of the nature of the universe and the global ascension underway.

The Infinity Stargate is now open to all living beings seeking Light. Since the momentous Eclipse-Equinox on March 20th, we have been moving in the direction of a massive upgrade, unlike anything we’ve seen before. On March 20th the Crystal Stargates opened to humanity. Up until this point, only advanced Starseed souls were able to access and astral travel to the Great Central Sun through the divine Light grid and gates.

Eclipses set into motion a 6 month harvest cycle – as the March 20th Eclipse-Equinox will culminate in the Libra Equinox on Sept 23rd and the Blood Moon Eclipse on Sept 27th. This particular Eclipse-Equinox cycle is unprecedented due to alignment with the 2012 Ascension astrology. The Quickening has accelerated this year to levels beyond our imagination.

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