15 August 2015

From Both Sides, Now....


This is just me, thinking out loud with my opinions and observations. I expect this post to be "unpretty", so please be warned :)

I'll start with a quick feedback on the energies. It feels like a new cycle has started up again, and like the recent ones, very hi-vibe. However, this one feels serious, sombre....with a turbulent undercurrent. It's like we're going in for a dress rehearsal, under the scrutiny of a stern director. I would like to say that this is the "last" cycle before THE main one, but it would be wishful thinking on my part.

**Note: 15th August ~ I am aware that Simon Parkes has cautioned that Cern would power up today in yet another attempt to disrupt the frequencies and our connection with Source energies. Please know that Cobra assures that this is not a concern. If we remember, Cern has repeatedly failed several times in the past.**

In line with the current energies, I feel it's time for me to write this post, which has been writing and re-writing itself in my heartmind for the past couple of weeks. I kept delaying it, until today. And oh, apologies to Joni Mitchell for using the title of her lovely song :)  I've tried to think of something else, but this one insisted on being used.

From One Side...
Several years ago, as I listened to an Ascension guide via Internet audio (no videos then!), someone in the audience asked about the ancient and advanced civilisation "under the mountains". The guide summarily dismissed the topic by answering definitively that there was "no one" under the mountains.

Around the same time, another source taught that all negativity exists within the individual, and not without. Clear the negativity within, and Life's good.

Yet another implied that there are no such things as negative ETs while quite a few didn't believe that the Human Race was being manipulated and controlled in any major way.

Fast forward to recent times. I've come across (directly and indirectly) several sources who do not believe in the existence of Inner/Hollow Earth; many also do not believe in negative entities, whether extra-terrestrial or otherwise. One guide who imparts Galactic teachings was taken aback when a participant asked about the Galactics' assessment of the situation on our negatively-occupied Planet. To her credit, she was receptive of the situation once she regained her composure.

To The Other....
Traversing to the other side, we have an almost inverse existence. Sources who delve deep into the dark underbelly of the beast to expose the domination and control generally do not accept the "woo-woo" nature of the "other" side. Spirituality and multi-dimensional realities are perfunctorily waved away or denied.

One major belief of this side is that all ETs are negative, as are every other Being from the outer realms. "Angel" is a psyop concept, "Love" is something emotional and "Light" is what you get when you turn the switch on.

The Analogy
We have two different sides that contrast and contradict each other. All good people with good intentions, but unwilling to accept the entire spectrum of the same pole on which they are all positioned.

It's like one party wakes up from the right side of the bed, and sees the reality from that side of the room only. The other wakes up from the left side, and faces the reality from that corresponding part of the room. They are both awake but with incomplete awareness or acceptance of the entire room.

Energetically, I see these two polarities cancelling each other out.

Awareness and Acknowledgement of the Other Side
Being awake to a portion of the situation accords me with an incomplete picture and partial understanding, at best. The greater risk is that my limited scope could lead to an arrogant insistence that my view is the correct one. As long as either polarity refuses to be aware of or acknowledge the other, there exists this potential which ultimately only serves to hinder the progress of a collective effort to serve a greater cause.

If I see someone coming at me with a weapon, I wouldn't just stand there and say "it's not real. it doesn't exist" and expect to see the attacker vanish in a puff of purple smoke, leaving me safe and sound. At the same time, I wouldn't want a reality where there is no awareness of the Divine in all of Life and the acceptance of a Creation that goes on for eternity in other dimensions.

It's not that one side needs to embrace and immerse itself in the other. While I feel that it would be great if a military-type truther can join in the Weekly Liberation Meditation, going "ee-eee" and "ee-aaa" while rotating, that's not what I'm advocating. As long as one is aware of the other and acknowledges its existence without denying it, that's a huge step forward in the right direction.

Another Form of Programming
Sometimes, I can't help but feel that this whole set-up of the huge divide is just another insidious programming that's been foisted upon the awakened community to prevent a unified effort in effectively ending the negative control while expediting our spiritual evolution on a collective basis. Each side has been successfully programmed to invalidate the other, and only a disproportionate number of awakened and fully aware Souls are seeing the whole spectrum.

If my assumption is correct, all that needs to be done to thwart this programming is to simply allow our awareness to expand.

Take Back "Illuminati"
The word "illuminati" comes from the Latin "illuminatur", which means “enlightened". This word, like so many other positive words or symbols have been intentionally corrupted and perverted to serve the dark's agenda. I try not to call them by that name, and I'd like to one day, very soon, see that word being used in the correct context once again. One beautiful Soul I know appropriately calls them "posers that were"....I think that term will do nicely for them instead. Thank you, T!!  :)

I also like to look at it as the awakened ones illuminating what's dark, shining Light upon it so that it can no longer hide. The more Light we shine in dark places to expose them, the less hiding space they have left.

The Same Team
All that's left for me to say is this....please remember, we're ALL on the same team :)



  1. Another great post, Grace!

    I do agree that, ultimately, we are all on the same team. In the end, ALL of us, even those who may be perceived as "dark", are ONE. We are all tiny, individual elements of consciousness in the "body" of "God" (All That Is).

    The eternal dance between perceived opposites (light and dark, hot and cold, good and evil, etc.) is simply the energy of LIFE seeking experience Itself and, perhaps, eventually find balance between all Its subtle forms.

    We are blessed to be living in what many (including myself) believe is a very pivotal time in human history. My understanding and belief is that Humanity and our Earth (as a living, conscious being) are, together, poised and ready to take a dramatic, evolutionary leap forward in consciousness. The energy and pressure we feel as both "sides" (i.e., Light and Dark, or "Good" and "Evil") seem to be squaring off, are merely the catalysts needed to essentially compel each soul to make a choice.

    We can either embrace the coming changes with calm, Compassion, and Love for one another--or we can react through panic and fear. My belief is that those who choose and are able to follow a more "positive" path will have a much different experience than those who do not. My belief is that those who choose to "Love" others and accept this new energy will be able to transcend dimensions and literally move into a new and much higher vibrational field or reality--one in which a New Earth exists. It is one where human beings, animals, and Earth may finally live in Harmony, Peace, and True Equality (the so-called "Golden Age").

    Those who succumb to fear, hatred, anger, and other "negative" emotions will find it difficult to survive in this new, much higher energy environment. My belief is that some will react violently to these new energies and many will die or be killed. I know it may sound crazy to some, but I also believe it's possible that we'll see the sudden "Disclosure" of intelligent, extraterrestrial and highly advanced civilizations. As a result, many of those who are in fear may be convinced by those in power that a disaster is imminent and an ET-assisted evacuation from Earth is necessary to "save" Humanity. Who knows? Anything could be possible!

    The bottom line is this. The pressure and perceived conflict we're seeing is natural. It's exactly what we need to push us forward onto the next soul-step. I like to think of Humanity as several cups of water in a pot on the stove. Universe is turning up the heat to get us all excited. As we start to bubble and boil in apparent turmoil and chaos, some molecules suddenly change into steam, float up into the air, and evaporate. They experience an entirely new, less dense experience. Others continue to boil longer, but eventually they transform into steam as well. At some point, the heat is turned off and those molecules who remain as water will continue to experience the dense, heavy existence in the confines of the pot.

    In the end, we are all One. We'll all evolve eventually, as each soul chooses and in its own proper time.

    It's all good.

    With Love,


    1. WOW....that's absolutely fabulous!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to share this, Stargazer :) Anything IS possible, that is for sure! We don't "see" it all (what's else is happening in other dimensions or "out there") so much still remains to be understood.

      As you said, we need to keep our focus and continue to point ourselves to the DEFINITE reality of our New World. That's for sure....it's the "when" that's still up in the air.

      I really love your analogy via that story. I assume it's already posted on your blog....hint hint.... :D

      Blessings ❤

  2. Well analyzed and expressed, thank you.

    It helped me to hear from Corey Goode that the dark forces have technology to fake consciousness into channelers, so they might channel an entity other than they think, the consciousness even faking a wrong name (some ascended master, an arch angel etc).

    1. Thank you, Lee ❤

      Definitely. I've personally come across a few people who claim to channel some entity, but I actually feel very "off" energies coming from them when they tell me that. Ditto many messages, especially in recent months.


  3. Thanks, Grace...wonderful idea! :)

    Anyone else notice what time this posted? (17:17).

    Thought that was a rather nice "wink, wink" from Spirit!


    With Love,


    1. I had issues when I was trying to publish it, there were so many unexpected niggles. After several minutes, I finally managed to get it done. Now I know why :)

      Thanks for pointing that out, Stargazer!!

      Much Love,