28 August 2015

Goddess Energy Fields ~ Untwine ~ 25 August 2015

Source: Recreating Balance

When we use the word Goddess, different people will have different views, feelings and thoughts behind the word, about what a Goddess is for them. There are many archetypes of the Goddess and of feminine energy out there, some healthy and some not, some in tune with the Source/Creator and some not. These various archetypes correspond to actual existing energy fields and frequencies.
When a group of people meditate on Peace together, they create an energy field of Peace, which will circulate out there and fuel more manifestations of Peace in the future, based on these people's ideas of Peace.
When the cabal creates a false flag and then bombards certain ideas about it all over mass media, many people start having the negative emotions and thougts engineered by the false flag, which will generate an energy field of fear for example, which will then circulate out there and fuel more manifestations of fear in the future.
 When a group of black magicians do a ceremony using a pentagram for negative intentions such as suffering and manipulation, they attach a certain energy field onto that sacred geometry, which will circulate out there. 
The same principle applies when a group of people do a ceremony for the Light using a pentagram for positive intentions such as harmony, divine will, balance, etc. 

Using sacred geometry is especially powerful because it is everywhere out there, for example all the fruits humans can eat have flowers with 5 petals on them. So, through resonance principles, pentagram energy fields will connect with the pentagrams that exist out there. When we look at a pentagram, we can feel all kinds of energy fields associated with it. Then, as creators we can transform, clear things, and choose which energy field we tune into.

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