14 August 2015

Her ~ The Ruiner ~ 13 August 2015


I've mentioned before that "this" is really Mother Gaia's show ~ she's the star. Where she "goes", we follow....if we so choose. I choose her.

Source: The Ruiner

She is alive. She dreams. She feels on a level not even humans can understand. ( which is saying a lot )

She is often treated as nothing more than a giant rock to build ourselves upon. A big blue rock hurdling through space.

The physical planet can be thought of as a spaceship if you'd like. She is the captain.

She loves everything that grows, even those unhealthy for her to love. Unconditional.

In Her wisdom she can do this and understand what can stay and what should go. Like the body ridding itself of toxins.

Her spirit is given freely to all life on earth, whether humans recognize all of these forms as life or not. Whether or not the life forms embrace and benefit from this spirit energy, comes down to choice.

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  1. Thanks, Grace...it's wonderful to see such loving support for our Mother Gaia! In the rush of day-to-day life, it's easy to become discouraged and feel we're the only ones who love and respect her as the giver of life. In these words, I see not hope, but certainty that she will be restored--and those who truly love her will be as well.

    With Very Much Love,


    1. Dear Stargazer, I have no doubt that we will get to see the full restoration of Mother Gaia, and of the Human Race as well! That has been my greatest motivator :)

      Much Love,