16 August 2015

Hormuth Examples Begin Aloud and Return Particulates to Source ~ Gaia Portal ~ 15 August 2015

Source: Gaia Portal

Hormuth examples begin aloud and return particulates to Source.
Fanciful rites are of the past, not to be repeated.
Stems of Tides reveal the Truth.
Inner flanks are covered.
Inner Essence aligns.


  1. Hormuth is a (rather rare) German surname (last name), see https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hormuth

    You can have the wiki page instantly translated via Google Chrome.

    (I don't think Eireport misspelled as some suggest Hormuz, referring to the Strait of Hormuz)

    The one Hormuth who has a connection with the stars is Felix Hormuth, a German Astronom, currently working at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy. The examplory thing he did just 10 days ago named the minor planet 241475 he found in 2009 after a well-known (and cute) German acctress, because he wanted that "a public figure is filled with joy", see http://news-round.com/max-planck-institute-scientists-call-the-planet-martina-gedeck/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meanings_of_minor_planet_names:_240,001%E2%80%93250,000#241

    Just a pointer from me.
    (gosh, Eireport, please at least TRY be less oracly .. :-\)

    1. Many thanks, Lee :) I did read that article that article before I posted this update from Gaia Portal, but I still didn't get the meaning with regard to the message, so I just left it. I also came across this, but also decided to abandon the idea:

      I agree with your request to Eireport ;) I don't think they're listening, though....

      Blessings, Grace