27 August 2015

Latest Solar Symptoms ~ Denise LeFay ~ 26 August 2015 (....And Personal Experience)


I'm super-happy to see this update from Denise LeFay! I've been feeling so terribly uncomfortable since around 12 August, with effects akin to those I usually get when there are X-class flares. Only thing is, each time I check the solar activity charts when I get these Solar zaps, there are no X-class flares and usually only solar "disturbances" with just a few solar storms (I just checked the chart, there's a solar storm right now, image above). Add to that the symptoms feel somewhat different lately, which made me feel concerned.

So naturally I felt very relieved to see Denise's update. Please head here to read it. I will continue to ramble on (moan) a bit, and share what I do to alleviate the effects.

As mentioned, this recent round of Solar zaps worried me. After years of going through discomfort in varying degrees, I've reached the stage where I accept the effects as necessary and normal. I feel the Solar surge, I check the charts, then I'm good when the charts confirm what I feel, even though sometimes the charts only show the activity some hours later.

This time, however, I didn't see the spikes I would normally expect, judging by how I was feeling. I was beginning to worry about my physical health. I remember struggling with every fibre of my Being to keep myself together when I was having a "surge experience" while being with some friends a few days ago. When I checked the charts later, I could see no major spikes.

Apart from that, I was feeling a subtle difference in the Solar energies ~ it felt like there were "overlays" to the energies, as if additional "deliveries" were piggy-backing onto the Solar package. I was going to write that it seems that this time, the Solar energies were being delivered deep into our bodies (cells), but I'm getting that it's not quite so ~ it's our non-physical bodies that are being worked on. Hmmm, I'll have to mull over that one! Perhaps this time around, my non-physical bodies are also feeling the effects, which could have compounded my physical symptoms.

Thankfully, I no longer have any doubt over my health due to Denise's message, and also one from Sandra Walter, which I will post after this.

What I do:
  • Cold pack over my eyes
  • Saline bath for my eyes (use ones with no preservatives etc)
  • Grounding (not always practical for me, so I use grounding tools and techniques)....VERY IMPORTANT, THIS ONE
  • Himalayan salt soak for feet (I suppose salt bath would be ideal, but I try to avoid baths to minimise water usage. I don't have water shortage problems, it's just my thing with water conservation)
  • Sodium bicarbonate solution to drink (half-teaspoon in glass of water)
  • Himalayan salt solution to drink (ditto)
  • Complex carbs, depending on "needs", sometimes I need a lot, sometimes I don't
  • Lots of lotion on skin to diminish "acupuncture" feeling
  • Dab a little bit of apple cider vinegar over red rash on skin (I call them sun-spots...)
  • TONS OF ENERGISED WATER (energise using whatever tool or technique that suits you, I place clear quartz and tourmaline in filtered water, add some lime or holy basil, place jug in Sun, over felt cloth that has LOVE written on it, on top of a coaster with a tachyon bead. I know......*grin*  )

  • **Updated: I forgot one very important thing..... Receive these loving and transformative energies with Love and gratitude!

Hope this helps :)

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