10 August 2015

Lions Gate Through the Lunar Eclipse: New Timeline Anchoring ~ A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 8 August 2015

It's been a long time since Elizabeth Trutwin last brought out a message. I was unaware that she had been unwell, but thankfully she's now recovering. As always, this message is long with a lot of helpful information for "what's up ahead".....   :)

Source: Galactic Roundtable

Greetings Everybody! It has been over three months since my last message. I have been through an illness which took intensive therapy to overcome. My body made it through the changes. I worked on my Disclosure Mission on a little lap top reclining and only left home for various doctors appointments. All is well. Anyone who has been waiting for an email from me, I am ready for you now. I took a necessary rest from replying for several weeks. I am here for you now. Remember I have not rested from 7 days a week work in years. I invite you to contact me. eltrutwin@gmail.com Sananda has asked me to bring this important message and is looking forward to speaking with those who feel called to do that. My website is redirected until after Disclosure. Look for my messages on fb http://Facebook.com/eltrutwin or email me and put in the subject ADD and I will email future messages to you. Thank you for your kind understanding, patience, well wishes, light and love. Namaste! All My Love, beth

Lions Gate through the Lunar Eclipse New Timeline Anchoring ~ A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 5, 2015 The Celestial Dance: Lions Gate 8/8, New Moon 8/14, First quarter Moon 8/22, Full Moon 8/29, Last quarter Moon 9/5, New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse 9/13, Equinox 9/22, Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse 9/28.

Hyperdimensional Travel by Galactic Beings

Prepare for Lions Gate 8/8/15 (888) and continue to be in Atonement with the Abundance of Nature and The Cosmos through the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 9/28/2015. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. You will witness and participate in the anchoring of New Timelines reconnecting Earth to the Cosmic Timelines. This upcoming frequency shift for Earth and this sector of The Milky Way Galaxy correct thousands of years of damage caused by a handful of Intergalactic War Criminals. Earth will be permanently anchored back to the correct Cosmic Timeline. In the last 10,000 years nuclear war so devastatingly ravished this western arm of The Milky Way Galaxy it was unsure until 1987 if Earth would survive.

There are debates today about intelligent Beings visiting Earth. Some feel they are not Extraterrestrial, rather they are Inter Dimensional. The truth is they are both. They travel through the Dimensions to come to Earth making them Inter Dimensional. In all cases they are visiting from higher Dimensions than Earth. They are not from Earth making them Extraterrestrial. There is no reason for debate. They are both, and (sic)

DNA is the Light Code. The Physical Body is the Hard Drive. The Light Body is the Modem Facilitating the LIFE STREAM. Etheric and Physical are Merging as Humanity Ascends.

Please read on....

**Note: 1987 ~ Harmonic Convergence where Souls were polled to ask if they would "exit" or commit to a period of transformation to help pull off the Ascension process.


  1. Thank you, Grace. I resonated with it up to the part that 4D = time as per Einstein and NOT Astral etc.

    1. I don't have an adequate knowledge of dimensions to offer anything meaningful, Lee, and the best I can come up with is that perhaps the Astral is a subset of Time. We've been told by some sources that we will transcend Time (as we know it), and only transit in 4D for a while.