02 August 2015

Personal Sharing ~ 2 August 2015

Nasa Chandra
This is just me, with my own opinions and perceptions.

Timeline Things Again
Some weeks ago, I posted a vision I had (Ancient Timelines) about "repairing" timelines. I feel that the effects of these repairs are now manifesting as little pockets of events that are out-of-synch with each other. Meaning, the timelines that are no longer valid (because they have been/are being repaired or healed, therefore changing potentials) produce temporal "jiggles" in the current situation; they will need to play out until some degree of equilibrium is maintained. How this all works or will work out, I have no idea, but I've had personal experiences where the same person or situation exhibits one "snapshot", and then the next moment, the same person or situation presents a different "snapshot". It's like I'm seeing two different timelines trying to integrate.

Before The Buzz....
I thought I'd try to put things into a broader perspective regarding The Event. I'll use this term because it is how I heard it being described the first time. Of course, now it goes by different terms, but I'll stick to The Event and mention the others as I get to them in due course.

Ellie Miser
I would like to take you back to 2012. (Yes, I know....*sigh*) But this is when I first heard, from someone else (explanation later), about some supernatural event that was to occur, officially heralding a quantum evolution into an existence of higher consciousness. She shared with a popular site owner in mid-2012 that an event that was supernatural in nature was to take place, and that she was to witness this before she could return "home". This supernatural event would trigger major Planetary and Humanitary transformations.

I remembered being almost unable to remain still when I read about it, because she was talking about something that had bothered me for a long time. At that time, in 2012, the intel everywhere you look was about the financial reset. There was very little information about some spiritual or Cosmic element that I doggedly believed would trigger the transformation (which is why the focus of my blog is the spiritual, and not financial, aspect). So for her to mention a supernatural event meant a lot to me. I managed to get in touch with her and spent many happy email exchanges about the subject :)

This remarkable Soul is Ellie Miser, a Pleiadian starseed, and some will know about her very Galactic experiences while living on the physical plane of the Planet. I posted the information she shared with Steve Beckow on my blog (you can read it here); I just checked the link for the mp3 recording of Ellie's information but it seems to be gone.

I first knew about Cobra sometime in May 2012, but didn't really follow his information regularly then. I only learnt sometime after hearing Ellie's information that Cobra had actually written about The Event way back in April 2012, which I had obviously missed. When I found out about it, one of the first things I did was to excitedly inform Ellie. At that time, the nature of something like The Event was still largely unknown.

So, to give credit where it's due, and as far as I'm aware, Cobra was about the first source to bring out information about The Event to the LightServer community.

Paul LaViolette
I hadn't known about Paul LaViolette until fairly recently, but this chap identified what he calls a Galactic SuperWave decades before! Around 1983, in fact...and scientifically, too, no less. Good for skeptics :) 

In July 2013, EM Ibrahim Hassan mentions its influence, calling it "Blue Flare".

Then Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head covered The Event here in their TAUK session, in November 2013. A couple of weeks later, Elizabeth Trutwin channeled Lord Sananda to give more details about it.

In January 2014, the Galactis team produced their stunning documentary about Comet Ison and....The Event.

Of course, these are only from what I know. There could be others that I'm not aware of, or even earlier references from sources that I mentioned here. My chief intention is to bring a broader perspective to the burgeoning interest in The Event, given so many indications that the time is near for its approach. I've received some emails that imply that this phenomenon is newly known, so I felt that some background information that goes back a couple of years deserves some attention, too :)  That's the Libran in me rearing its head!  Namaste....


  1. Thanks for the post, Grace!

    For quite some time, many at the "Golden Age of Gaia" website have been referring to "The Event" as the "Tsunami of Love". Others may also describe it as "The Shift", "Ascension", "Evolution", "The Rapture", and "Transmutation". "Wave X" seems to be the most recent phrase for the phenomena (Dr. Simon Atkins has been referring to it as such). There are soooo many more terms flying around--but I believe they all refer to the same thing.

    In the end, I don't feel it's really important what we call it or what "dates" may be attached to it. My feeling is that it is simply a natural, cyclical, and energetic process that directly affects the consciousness of ALL beings (i.e., EVERYTHING). It's a regular--and unstoppable process that results in a quantum, evolutionary leap forward for all of Creation (all systems, all galaxies, all universes, etc.).

    Those so-called "Old Souls" (those who may have a bit more experience and spiritual maturity) are better able to accommodate and "ride through" these energetic flows. They've either been through it all before and are therefore here to help--or they're ready to advance because they're able to react with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Understanding. A big part of their job as "Light Workers" is to serve as mentors by helping others to learn and grow (and you're doing a GREAT job at it, Grace--thank you!).

    There are, however, those who are not able to effectively manage this energy. They are not yet ready to "graduate", as it were. They tend to react to these energetic increases through fear, worry, or suspicion. They are much more apt to lash out blindly or act out in ways that promote drama or violence. These are the souls who may not progress forward. At a soul level, they will choose NOT to graduate. They will most likely succumb to the negativity and remain behind to continue experiencing the challenging circumstances that will best serve their spiritual growth.

    I've been feeling more and more that there is NOTHING in this process to fear or be concerned about. EVERY soul is progressing at its own, perfect rate. There IS no need to worry about "leaving anyone behind", because each and every soul will eventually learn or experience the things it needs to and achieve its ultimate goal of "returning" to Source. To me, this is guaranteed because, in the end, we ARE all Source).

    Call it what you will, I've no doubt that we're all here to fully experience, enjoy, and appreciate this exciting time--and I'm so very grateful that I'm able to share it with you and so many others.

    Thank you for shining your BEAUTIFUL Light--here and everywhere!

    With Very Much Love,


    1. Most welcome, Stargazer :) We're learning from and guiding each other all the time. I look at it as a collective creation of the "next step" in this journey-of-Life-at-the-cusp-of-massive-transformation.

      Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that Linda Dillon's Tsunami of Love has been "waving" for about a year. What I wanted to specifically focus on is "The Big One". Prior to this, there has been (and are) waves after waves of energy, each building on the next, to prepare and sufficiently calibrate and build us up for The Big One. I didn't want to create another name, but I'm trying to describe something really unique and special, that will come in one giant surge of ultra-high frequency energy. I think of it as the green energy (Army of the Dead) in Lord of the Rings, where it cleaned up all the darkness.

      You've put it all very nicely...Wave 101! There is nothing to fear, and everything to look forward to. Heaven on Earth...that is what we are creating :)

      Hand to Heart....

      Love and Blessings,