30 August 2015

Pillars of Light ~ Blossom Goodchild ~ 20 August 2015

There's no doubt that Blossom Goodchild went through the wringer when she brought out the Pillars of Light message in 2011 and nothing happened. Even before that there was the infamous message of October 2008. And I just read from this current message that her mother has passed.

Anyway, I wanted to post this because she was the first one (that I know of) to bring out the Pillars message in 2011, so it's good for her that they are finally manifesting. Also Blossom mentions the "I'm done" feeling, which is exactly what I've been saying to some friends! More on that on another post.

Another thing to note: Blossom brought out this channelling about September on 13 June 2015. As always, discern for yourself :)

Source: Blossom Goodchild

I am still in England due to my mother's passing and complications with my stepfather. I am hoping to return to Australia at the beginning of September. Therefore ... I would be most grateful if you could notify sites etc. that you know post my channellings, as my mailing list cannot be used on the internet plan over here. Thank you. I look forward to being back in the swing of things very soon. Love Blossom.

Hello my friends. It has been almost 2 months since we were in touch. I am hoping today is the correct time within my energies to speak with you once again. Apparently, there is much news spreading round regarding ‘The Pillars of Light’ that we ‘fell out’ about toward the end of 2011. There seem to be many appearing around the world (from what I gather from readers). Are these ‘Pillars’ that which you were telling us about? And if so, can you speak more of their purpose? Thank you.

We ‘arrive’ in your head with much compassion and fortitude*. That which you mention, is indeed that which we proclaimed would arrive and yet, from our point of view … they are right on time!

Indeed! Well, what’s a few years between friends!

More and more of such phenomena are being/to be created for the Higher Good of All. As we spoke before … these Energy Beams are here to assist. They create a vortex within themselves that allow that which is to come through them … to resonate and blend within your Earth atmospherics, in order to oblige the moving forward of your Planet.

Merely by their presence … they are already sending and offering HIgher Energies … Not just to the surrounding areas from which they derive ... Yet, the power that lies within them, enables their ‘purpose/work’ to spread much further afield. 

They … so far … are positioned in such places that allow ‘growth’ from within your Earth to recharge and power them up into their full-most capacity.

You spoke before, of knowledge being contained within them also?

We would use of the word ‘Information’.

About what?

Information that is presented to One and All for the assistance in the progression of the Divine Plan.

How do we receive this information?

Please read on......


  1. "much SOONER than you think" .. we think between Sep. 22 - 28. Maybe Sky TV's "mysterious oracle" is of the same kind of source than Blossom's .. :) ?

    1. I just heard Lisa Transcendence Brown (will post later) who feels that September 28 will be a major marker. Seems like many are now saying that this is an important timeframe, although none are saying exactly "what" will occur.....let's intend for the highest possible outcome!


  2. Wow, I'm listening to the December 2nd, 2017 discussion and searched for Pillars of Light and went straight to this page; thank you so much.