28 August 2015

Solar Revolution Movie ~ Dieter Broers

At this time of writing, it's already been 15 hours of Solar storms, so I might as well continue with today's Solar-theme and make this the fifth post. I assure you, I did not plan all this in advance.

I made the effort to sit down long enough to watch this movie shortly after the previous post. After watching about 10 minutes, I recalled that I did attempt to watch this movie in early 2013, but gave up very quickly at the beginning because it was about 2012. At that time, I was still feeling disheartened about the 2012 Solstice, so I didn't feel like watching anything that spoke about the changes that were supposed to take place. This time, however, I continued with renewed interest.

After it ended, I must have said "oh my goddess" seven times, with the lightbulbs going off like strobe lights in my head. This is definitely an amazingly incredible docu-movie that puts together the individual puzzle pieces contributed by the scientists and professionals to complete a very inspiring picture.

While I will admit that the ideas and principles put forward by the featured "stars" is today quite widely known in the alternative circles (the movie was produced in 2012), there was one crucial piece of information there that was new to me ~ it enabled me to form my own Big Picture. I needed some time to actually take it all in and truly marvel at the Big Picture. More of that later, here's the summary first.

Please know that this summary is just a tiny fraction of what's discussed in the movie. In case you are like me back in early 2013 and feel that you don't wish to dwell on anything "2012", I can let you know that in the introduction, Dieter Broers emphasised that change will definitely come in 2012, but he also added the question, "When is 2012?". Given that we are talking about a 26,000-year window, 5-10 years is but a very insignificant margin of error.
  • Mitch Battros ~ I believe it would be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun which will usher in what has been described by our ancestors as "the transition", bringing us to a new state of being
  • Rick Strassman ~ DMT is mediator between matter and spirit
  • JJ Hurtak ~ this change will allow us to experience ourselves as multi-dimensional beings
  • DMT research participants describe their experiences, consciousness separated from body ~ bliss, ecstasy, time stopped, received insights, more real than "real" life
  • Rollin McCraty ~ Heart's rhythm reflects changes in Earth's magnetic field ~ Planetary consciousness
  • Michael Persinger ~ Photons allow access to Cosmic Intelligence.
For me, the key point of this movie was something that I had not previously known about. It's the part about the Galactic Wave hitting the Earth with all the various frequencies, including radio waves. These radio waves would affect the pineal gland, causing it to produce DMT (the Spirit Molecule), which would then result in expanded and higher states of consciousness. I know I mentioned this in the previous post about this movie's "excerpt", but it was only after I watched the entire movie that I realised the implications on the Big Picture. Let me explain....

In Judy Satori's "Sunshine Before the Dawn", the Elohim or Creator Gods designed the human template to enable it to exist in all 12 dimensions, and they added the pineal gland crystal in the brain to facilitate reception of higher energies and knowledge at the time of the Great Shift. Being fully aware of the nature of the Big Cycles, they knew that this Great Shift would take place after four of such cycles had passed. At the end of the final cycle before the Great Shift, ultra-frequency energies would be transmitted to Earth's Humanity and received via this pineal gland.

From the information in Solar Revolution, these energies would cause the pineal gland to activate, thus triggering the production of DMT which would then lead to higher consciousness, as proven in the DMT experiments that were carried out.

The Cabal, likely having worked out the potential (or even viewed the future), did whatever they could to calcify and deactivate our pineal gland, specifically through fluoridation of water and dental care products. They did this to prevent Humanity from ever ascending into higher states of consciousness when the time comes. Additionally, they are also attempting to disrupt these energies from reaching us unadulterated and undistorted (via Cern, Haarp or other scalar weaponry).

I've wondered for quite a while now how the energies would work on us when the time comes. I knew that our consciousness would be affected, but didn't understand how. Although I had long believed that the pineal gland was a main key in the Ascension process (because it allowed us to receive transmissions), I didn't see the wider relationship of the pineal, DMT, higher consciousness and the Galactic Wave as a connected process.

I love Big Pictures!  :)

Watch all the way right to the end, after all the credits.

The website for this is Solar Revolution Movie

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