18 August 2015

Source Reaching Out....


I'm sharing what I saw in meditation this morning, so please remember my usual disclaimers etc  :)  Especially in this current timeframe where so many are coming out with tons of messages about what will happen and so on, and I'm about to add to that huge torrent of "stuff"! :)  Your inner / higher guidance is an absolute must.

There are two scenes in this short vision, the first of which isn't unexpected, so I enjoyed that scene unfolding without being too surprised. If you can imagine seeing the ocean underwater without light, fairly dark with texture and substance, much like a more diluted jelly-like medium. Liquid but not quite liquid.

Then envisage a swathe of Light coming from "above" and cutting a path into the ocean water, transforming it from semi-darkness to crystal clear Light. This Light sweeps across the entire ocean, illuminating it section by section as it makes its way through the murkiness. The words "Source reaching out" came to me. I really like this description :)

This scene then shifts to the next frame (that's how it was presented to me, next "frame"), and I see the second scene. Now, this one I didn't expect in any way at all, so I was rather startled.

There were several Beings (and I knew immediately that they were not Earth Humans) moving around with an air of purpose and some sense of urgency. They were dressed in robes of the most brilliant yellow-orange-gold colours, truly spectacular. I get the sense that they were really tall, but I have no idea how tall. They are definitely bigger than a tall Human. They had a head-dress, but I can't recall the details because I was so stunned by the vision, and the sight of those awe-inspiring robes!

What I understand is that these Beings are connected with a "Sun". Are they from our Sun, or did they come through the Sun from the Galactic Sun? I don't know, truly I don't. I just know they come from a Sun. And that they will be here to assist the Planet and Humanity make the shift after The Big One. When? Again, I don't know, apologies. If I don't know something, I'll say I don't....and I try not to even guess.

I felt so goooood after that vision! It's like they left me with a spark of their Sun, and I'm now beaming with the energy. In fact, I've been grinning since that vision :D  Thank you for this gift, with Love and Gratitude!

Source is reaching out, let's all respond!!


PS. Oh my goddess....I just realised that if this teensy weensy spark made me feel this giddy-good (despite the uncomfortable geomagnetic storms), then imagine what The Big One will do.....


  1. What fun. This what the Sphere Alliance pointed Denice to .. ;) --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW2RlaC6nAs (they obviously have a sense of humor)

    1. Hey, I just watched that a couple of weeks ago!! I did enjoy it.....Nice ship ;)

      Thanks Lee, with Blessings,

    2. I watched the whole movie....