29 August 2015

Spiritual Summer School: Final Lesson ~ Shining Your Own Light ~ Judy Satori ~ 26 August 2015

This is the last class for Judy Satori's Spiritual Summer School. If you've been following this 7-week course consisting of seven lessons, please know that the downloads will not be available for free after 31 August.

I love the title of this lesson...."Shining Your Own Light"!  That's what I like to say, too..."Shine Your Light!"  :)

The links to all seven lessons are at Judy's site.


  1. Mahalo for reminding us - Judy's audios are riveting. My recommendation: dive right in with "The Galactic Council Speaks: Where we came from and why we are here" and follow the date line. You will at the very least be EXCITED, but most likely love it :)

    1. Most welcome, dear Lee :) Judy's transmissions are like a trip "Home"....make me feel nurtured, loved and revitalised. I've enjoyed them all....even the readings from the book even though I've read it before. Still so enjoyable to hear the story :)

      Blessings ❤

    2. Forgot to say....AND IT'S TIME!!