01 August 2015

Spiritual Summer School July - August 2015 ~ Judy Satori with Bob Charles

Judy Satori is now in the third week of her 7-week Spiritual Summer School, a programme that she's embarked on to help provide guidance to those who feel drawn to "sign up". Well, I certainly am signing up! I had been meaning to do it much earlier on, but somehow that got sidelined again and again....until now.

For me, Judy's transmissions are the equivalent of going to a comforting, reassuring and safe corner whenever I feel that need a break from....whatever. And that's what I did today ~ I finally started the first "class", "Finding the Love You Seek" by Mary Magdalene. As soon as I did, I realised that I hadn't yet posted the details about this Spiritual Summer School, so here it is. There are details for the other classes as well as instructions for listening live on the show itself.

Please note that you can listen for free until 31 August 2015, after which they will be available for purchase. Each "lesson" is one-hour long.

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