14 August 2015

Spiritual Summer School with Judy Satori ~ Week 4: Sirius and the Sirian Council

If you're attending Judy Satori's Spiritual Summer School and haven't yet gotten to Week 4, here is a short summary:
  • Judy gives some background information about Sirius and the role the Sirians have played (and are still playing) in the evolution of the Earth Human, in concert with other Galactic Races
  • Reads pertinent passages from "Sunshine Before the Dawn"
  • Reiterates the intentional design of the Earth Human, complete with pineal gland and 12-strand DNA to allow the being to traverse and live in all 12 dimensions of the Lower Heavens
  • Activations to overcome energies of darkness and domination, radiation, pollution, electro-magnetic interference and low consciousness
  • Activation to strengthen Divine Will.

I look at these sessions as reunions with Family :)

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